The Dead World We Live In

(May have some highly detailed thangs)

Jamie was just eleven when the apocalypse struck. Her only family she has is her abusive drunk mother and her newborn baby brother. Also, her dad who is in the famous band One Direction. Rick finds her with Morgan and Duane feeding Toby (her brother). Will Rick take her in? Or will he leave her to die with a baby in her arms?


12. Thanks

Hey lads. I am now at 134 reads.


Thank you so much for reading if you are. Can you guys please put in the comments if I'm doing anything wrong or if you want to know anything that might be confusing you.

Also please give me more likes I only have 1. :(

And favorite so that you can get to read the chapter before some people.

But that's enough blabbering to you guys. Blah, blah, blah.

Then again thank you and I'm one more time before I go to sleep. Thanks for participating if you will. Love you guys. Goodnight. -Jamie

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