My heart stuttered when I saw him.
My palms were sweaty.
And when he looked at me he caught me staring.
My reaction was to look down like I had been doing something terrible, but when I heard him chuckle I looked up to see that he was smiling at me.
I had an ultimate crush.
And not just any crush.
He was way out of my league.
Like young Brad Pitt hot.
I smiled back at him, but I couldn't help but feel self conscious.
He was too perfect.


1. Chapter 1

I was such a dork.
        I had long dark hair and dark brown doe eyes that made me look more aloof than any normal human being. 
        I looked in the mirror and I saw a very innocent soul. People always told me I was like a grandma trapped in a young body. 
        I honestly didn't know what they were talking about. I could be hip. I could act young. 
        Ok, maybe I got it a little. I smiled to myself. 
        Oh, Jeez. It was worse than I thought. 
        I heard a giggle behind me. I had forgotten that I was in a public restroom. How long had she been watching me?
        "I could literally see everything you were thinking." She said smiling. Her hair was red and she had freckles that scattered about her beautiful face. She had that same innocence in her face that I had. 
        "Oh yeah," I crossed my arms and smiled at her, "What was I thinking then?"
        She shook her head, "Well, for starters you were thinking about how dorky you were."
        "Hmmm." I replied.
        "And then you talked yourself out of it, and then you realized you truly were a nerd." She laughed, throwing her head back and exposing white perfect teeth.
        "Oh my gosh, are you a mind reader?" I knew that they could exist.
        She giggled, "No way. You're just really expressive. Are you new here?"
        "Yeah, it's my first day. I still can't get used to the dorms. And sharing a bathroom with both boys and girls." I said with disbelief.
        "It took me a while to get used to that too. It's my second year here. I can't wait to meet my new roommate!" she said excitedly. 
        "I know! Me too. I just got here. I haven't even unpacked. I just threw everything in the room and ran to the bathroom. It was a long flight."
        "What room are you in?"
        "I dunno? 3B, I think." I pulled out my paper to double check, "Yup, 3B"
        "What a coincidence! That's my room too." She hugged me, "We're going to be roomies!" 
        I returned the hug, "I can't believe it." And then we let go of each other. I couldn't believe how lucky I was, I could already tell that we were going to be best friends. 
        "Alright," she said excitedly, "I'll meet you in the room. I just have to unpack some stuff."
        "Okay. I'll meet you there." I would have followed her there but I wanted to wash my face, it really had been a long flight. She skipped out of the bathroom without another word. The bathroom here wasn't too big, but when she left it felt bigger than before. There was white subway tiling from the floors and half way up the walls. The top was painted a very light grey. I peeked around to see that I was really now the only one here. The showers were gathered up on one side of the restroom and the toilets were all aligned on the other side, while the sinks were aligned next to the exit door. There was only one small window that I saw to the left. It was a typical bathroom. 
        I patted my face down with water and lightly scrubbed the ickiness off from traveling in from Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a long flight to get to University of Cambridge, but I had made it. And from here I knew all my dreams would come true. As I scrubbed my face I thought of how hard I worked to get here.  I thought of how much harder it was going to be to get where I really wanted, but it was all worth it. I was going to heal people. 
        I had lost both my parents to cancer this summer. It happened so quickly. My mother had cancer first, and we thought she was going to beat it. And then after begging my father to get tested we found that he had cancer too. They had both lived in the same asbestos ridden house since they were young. They had seen me graduate. And then they were gone. It still hadn't hit me. And I wasn't going to let it. I was determined to do what I could for them, even if they weren't here. I would make them proud.
        After I finished washing my face I looked up in the mirror. 
        You could see my doe eyes peeking underneath my long eyelashes. My dark hair was draped in a long ponytail high up on my head and my round face was frowning. I shook the thought of my parents off. It sounded weird to even say that thought in my head, but I couldn't think of them gone. I wouldn't think of them gone. They were at home in Utah, where they belonged. That was the only way I could get through this without them.
        I smiled again in the mirror, a fake one. And then I walked into the dorm where my new friend was waiting for me.

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