An Exercise in Avoiding Injury

a collection of metaphors.


40. Adulation

I have fallen in love 

with diaphanous  


like diamonds that kiss 

my skin and burn my  

fingers in the most 

satisfying of ways;

like most beautiful  

things, they are but  




I have fallen in love 

with afternoon  

displays of wonder: 

peach tinted clouds 

and periwinkle skies 

that meld into cotton 

and ink as evening  

arrives and the air 

tastes of silence, 

a silence so 


synonymous with  

that feeling of  

peace that spreads 

in your stomach 

like melted butter, 

even on the coldest 

of nights  



I have fallen in love 

the way the rain 

balances on my 

eyelashes and sends 

beads of water  

tumbling downwards 

in perfect sequence  

as if each drop is a 

dancer falling from 

the arms of their 

partner, or an 

adventurer leaping 

from the hatch of a 

plane; both entirely  

different feats that 

require equal grace  

and an uncanny  

trust in forces  


but all-controlling 


This love is  


You see, I have 

fallen in love 

with poetry; 

the word that 

folds so perfectly  

into itself, into  

what it is  

supposed to be,  

all the words I  

write when I  

see snowflakes 

and soft skies  

and other words. 

I have fallen in  

love, and I have  

fallen in love with 

trying to translate 

the things I love 

into words that can 

be loved and can be 



Poetry is a lot 

about falling and

a lot about



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