Texting Luke Hemmings

Just texting Luke hemmings


3. Chapter 3

[a/n thank you guys, for the comments. Sorry I couldn't update. I was suppose to update yesterday. I wrote like a very long chapter, and it suddenly deleted everything (: ]


@luke5sos: heloooooo


@laurenshitz: hello Luke


@laurenshitz: its quite funny how you dm-ed me first hahaha


@luke5sos: what? can't a celebrity, text a fan first?


@laurenshitz: ?


@luke5sos: wow, now it does sound weird.


@laurenshitz: yeah. What do you want?


@laurenshitz: I don't mean to sound rude tho


@luke5sos: Nothing )-: just bored


@laurenshitz: wait, you're in Australia right?


@luke5sos: Sydney, yeah why?


@laurenshitz: I live here too, do you want to meet up?


@laurenshitz: maybe?


@laurenshitz: I mean, if you want to


@luke5sos: idk


@luke5sos: where do you want to meet up though?

@laurenshitz: maybe at starbucks or something?


@luke5sos: okay. sure why not. be thr in i5


@laurenshitz: okay


Lauren was really happy to meet Lucifer Hemmo For the love of god, its LUKE HEMMINGS. ahem, sorry, luke Hemmings. She didn't think she would ever meet him. She changed into something comfy. she changed into this: (Link below) After she changed, she quickly drive to Starbucks. She saw Luke already reached, waiting outside for her.


"Luke?" she questioned


"Lauren?" he smiled


"yeah, its me" she smiled back. Luke was wearing a You Complete Mess shirt and black skinny jeans with a hole at the knee.


"So, lets go inside?" Luke stuttered. 'why am I stuttering. Its just Lauren' he thought. They entered starbucks, and Luke ordered. "I'll have a pumpkin latte" Luke said. "what about you?" Luke asked lauren.


"uh, no, i'm not hungry" she smiled. After they - or Luke- got his drink. They sat and started talking.


"so, Lauren, how old are you?" Luke asked


"uh, 18" she smiled


"are you still schooling?" Luke asked




"Nice top" Luke laughed


"shut it Hemmings!" Lauren gigled. They went out. they went shopping, eat together. Until it was time to head home.


"Thanks Luke for today" Lauren smiled.


"i'm the one suppose to be thanking you Laurey"


"Laurey?" she laughed


"yeah" Luke gave a cheeky smile.


"well, I should head home" Lauren said picking up her things and bringing it at the back of the car.


"yeah, me too" Luke hugged Lauren and plant a kiss on her cheek. And Lauren smiled and head home.


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