Texting Luke Hemmings

Just texting Luke hemmings


1. Chapter 1

[a/n restarting the story because I got a new plan]


It was another normal day for Lauren. Just looking through Twitter. She came across a tweet that says '@5sosdms: Playing a game in 2 minutes, whoever answers' first gets a solo DM with Luke Hemmings!' [a/n idek who owns that account on twitter so] Since she was a massive fan of 500 years of winter. it's not 500 years of winter! 5 seconds of summer! right.. 5 seconds of summer, she decided if she get a DM with luke, maybe they could be friends.


2 minutes later, a tweet came out '@5sosdms: Guess the song! tuo foy m mitli' Lauren tried to respond quickly, but failed. 'okay, next, ecnedindepeny ad' she tried to respond as quick as possible and replied 'independence day'. Luckily, she got the solo DM with luke.


She started texting Luke Hemmo. Dude?! what the hell is wrong with you?! I paid you 6 dollars a day and you don't even know their name?! its Luke Hemmings! sorry, Luke Hemmings.


@laurenshitz: Hey luke






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