Alex & Benjamin Malfoy

(This is the book that follows Emma Dursley, and Emma Malfoy. If you haven't yet, go read Emma Dursley. Then Emma Malfoy. It'll make allot more sense if you do)
I'm Alex Nicole Malfoy. I have a twin brother, Benjamin Daniel Malfoy.
We're 11. Follow us, on our journey as we go through our years at Hogwarts!




I'm Alex Nicole Malfoy. No, I'm not an evil Malfoy, like my grandfather Draco, and my great-grandfather Lucius. I'm 11. I have long blonde hair with brown tips, glittering silver eyes, and light skin. I'm the preppy girl at school. I make everything look good. We have uniforms for EVERYTHING. Even our Phys Ed uniforms I can make look good. They're black high shorts with a dark green top. Those aren't even our school colors! Our school colors are blue and silver. I go to Jennings Academy for Girls. My brother Ben, goes to Dells Academy for Boys. Our schools are right across the street from each other, so I get to see him often.


I'm Benjamin Daniel Malfoy. I go by Ben. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Everyone says I look like my mum, but I think I look like my dad. I have a sister, Alex.

We get along pretty well, we fight every so often because we both want to be right. Alex is the best sister anyone could ask for. She beautiful (although I can't tell her that), she's super smart, and really brave. She will jump off the high dive at the pool and land a graceful swan dive. Whereas I do a face-plant from the low diving board. I'm not coordinated. 



I'm a witch. That's what mum says.

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