Pretty Little Liars: What happened next?

NOTE- this is not what really happened to the characters, I completely made it up.

Want to know what really happened to the residents of Rosewood after A took his last strike? Did Ezria reunite? Is Toby still a police officer? Did they move on from A's Dollhouse? Find out in this new story.


1. Aria Montgomery

Aria graduated from Rosewood High, after a few struggles with her grades, and got into Savanna College. She decided not to go to be with Ezra so she applied and got into Hollis. 

Herself and the other liars try to see each other as much as possible after the events of the past couple of years. 

After escaping A's dollhouse, Aria got back on track with her school work and had a much better relationship with her parents and Ezra. 

A year after Aria started Hollis, Ezra suggested moving so she could attend Savanna and major in art. She said yes and in the fall, they packed up all their stuff and moved out to Savanna. 

Ezra proposed months later and Aria said yes. They are planning to get married when Aria finished college and gets a job so they have enough money. 

With all of the past with A behind her, will Aria finally get her happy ending? 

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