New Kingdom

Join in a new tail of Emma and Melanie Watson as they are taken into Narnia. Meet new and old characters coming together to make a hectic journey.

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25. Coronation


It took me three weeks to memorize the important parts of the castle. From my room, to Emma and Holter's room, to the bathroom, dining room, court yard, library, and garden. The garden is my most favorite part of the castle besides my gigantic room. Many beautiful flowers bloomed, giant trees stood tall, and the small lake rippled with life. Many shiny fish swam in it; dolphins, seahorses, rainbow fish, and even mermaids. I would stop and talk to them sometimes. My favorite was a ten year old mermaid with blonde hair and brown eyes, she could talk anyone to death but I like trying to keep up with her liveliness.

I peeked through Emma's door. She didn't noticed. She was standing in front of a full length mirror. She twirled in a sea green dress that dragged along the floor. She glanced at the door as it squeaked open. I ducked behind it and sprinted back to my room. I looked through my own closet. There were enough dresses to last me a lifetime. After hours of searching I found a violet dress with long sleeves, golden lase and a long back the dragged behind me. I twirled in the dress like Emma did, and began to dance around with an invisible partner to imaginary music. I could hear a giggle outside of my room. Quietly I ran over to the door and swung it open. Holter fell into my room with no more door to hold him up. I grabbed his arm and helped him up. He just rubbed his and smiled, embarrassed.

"It's not nice to spy on a lady." I tried to say in my most formal accent.

"Well, I just thought you needed a dance partner." He bowed and held out his hand, "May I?"

I grabbed his hand, "You may." He stood up and pulled me close. We waltzed around the room. I gazed into his eyes and never wanted that moment to end. As I laid my head on his shoulder, there was a small knock on the door. Holter dashed behind the door as I pulled it open.

Brooke stood in the doorway. "Do you know where Holter is, I'm supposed to help him get ready but can't find him anywhere?" I glanced at Holter, who was flat against the wall, he lifted his finger to his lips.

"Nope I haven't seen him." I lied to my best ability. It must have convinced her because she left.

"What was that about?" I asked closing the door.

"She wants me to dress up nice for the coronation." Holter got a look of horror on his face.

"And what's so wrong with that?"

"I just don't think I can do it."

"Do what?"

"Be king."

"You won't be a full king unless we marry and we talked about that, but you are being crowned king, and whether you like it or not you're going to dress up." Holter shrugged. "Now go." I opened the door and pointed. He slumped out the door and I shut it behind him. I danced around the room once again, twirling around again and again. Emma would be married in six weeks, I have to get my dance ready for the royal ball tonight. I practiced my elegant walk and even plopped a book on my head and made it balance. I curtsied to myself in the mirror. I practiced for a while longer and then there was a knock at my door.

"Melanie?" it was Emma.

"Yes?" I opened my door and let her in, she looked absolutely stunning.

"The metal workers are finished with our crowns and want us to come down to make sure everything is the way we want it." Her face was excited, I looked behind her and saw Patten and Holter standing there. We left my room and headed all the way to the bottom floor, way in the basement. Two large men pulled out two silver crowns. One of the men holds out a silver leaf crown with little flowers made of small diamonds. He handed it to me and a small hand mirror. I placed the crown on my head it was beautiful on me and fit perfectly. I handed it back to the man as loud bells rung outside. Emma, Patten, Holter, and I ran up the stair to the cathedral. We waited at the entrance as people started to fill up the seats. I could hear a piano begin to play. Patten and Emma walked out first. Patten escorted Emma down the isles. I wrapped my arm around Holter's as we began to walk down the isle. There were two giant thrones that overlooked the others. Emma walked up and stood in front of the one on right. I stood in front of the other one. Aslan walked up to the altar were we stood.  He smiled at us and turned around.

"My fellow Narnians and elves," his voice boomed, "we gather to celebrate the crowning of our new queens."

Brooke and Alana walked down the isle carrying pillows that held our crowns. They stood in front of the altar. Brooke pulled my crown of the pillow and walked up to me. I bent down so she could place it on my head. I glanced at Emma as Alana placed the crown on her head.

"To the rising western sun, I give you Queen Melanie, the brave. And to the great northern lights, I give you Queen Emma, the beautiful." Everyone in the crowd stood up and clapped loudly. I smiled wide at Holter who seemed to be clapping the loudest. I looked over at Emma, she was radiant. Her crown was simple, or it looked simple from far away. I looked back to the crowd, a humongous smile on my face.



Patten came up to my thrown as the last people edged there way out of the throne room. Melanie was already somewhere with Holter, laughing and talking with him about random things.

"My Queen." He bowed, I said nothing, I only smiled. He stood back up, he seemed taller somehow.

"You wish my assistance?" He took a step toward me, he definitely was taller, but how.

"You could say that." He reached me then, wrapping me in his arms. I laid my head on his chest, wrapping my arms around his stomach. Someone cleared their throat behind me. I turned and there stood Aslan.

"May I talk with you four?" I nodded. Melanie and Holter walked over to were we stood. "Good. So the cave, if any of you wish to return home it is there. Holter, Patten you may go as well, you will be disguised as normal humans and will not have your elven abilities. But I must warn you Patten, there is a chance that you will go blind if you go to their world." Patten got a look of worry on his face.

"Then we'll just have to stay here!" Melanie chipped in.

"I thought you didn't like it here."

Melanie thought of how to respond. She looked at Holter admiringly, "That was when I didn't have a reason to stay."

I grabbed Patten's hand, "Aslan, we wish to stay."

Aslan nodded, "If you need me I will come, however, my job is finished."

"But Aslan!" Melanie said just as Aslan disappeared into a puff a smoke. A loud roar rang through the cathedral as the smoke rose up to the ceiling. I looked at Patten, he looked at me, and we knew that Aslan was gone, for how long we did not know. All at once, hundreds of questions popped into my head, many about how we would do things without Alsan.

"Well, I guess we get ready for the ball?" Holter said, looking around at all of us. I nodded, we should get ready for the ball. We dispersed for our rooms, basically running up the steps. Once I got to my room I headed straight for the closet. There was a full length mirror at the far end of the little room, I stood before it. I looked at my crown, it was made of gold wire twisted and bent to make the amazing design of flowers. It was small, though, I wouldn't complain, it was the most beautiful thing I saw in a long time. The complete simplicity of it all was quite amazing, and of course it was made of gold. I tore my focus from my crown and to my dress. It was a beautiful dress, simple and elegant, I would wear it to the ball. 

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