Elastic Heart

"I've got thick skin, and an elastic heart,
But your blade, it might be too sharp,
I'm like a rubber band, until you pull too hard,
And I will snap when I'm too close.
No, you won't see me fall apart,
'Cause I've got an elastic heart." ~ Sia
Cover by the amazing QueenWild


2. You Did Not Break Me

You did not break me,

I'm still fighting for peace.



Her emotions were conflicting with each other. One by one, demolishing the other. Astoria was drowning. Drowning in her emotions. She was being destroyed; destroyed by her mind. Destroyed by nothing but thoughts. Destroyed by herself.


Every day she fought a war with herself. Fighting constantly, she was stuck. Her Alter Ego was punching and kicking her. Sometimes, it even brought out the musket. She cant take it anymore. She's being driven insane by simple thoughts.


Astoria fought back, but was always defeated. Pinned down by her mind, unable to get up.


She fought wars with herself, all to keep from going insane...

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