Emily, aka Em, has had a rough life. Now her parents think she has been trough enough so they are moving her from Aberdeen, Scotland to london, England. They think moving her to her uncle will take her mind of boys. All Em has grown to learn is: don't fall in love and don't trust men, they don't care. What happens when a blue eyes boy changes her perspective on the world?


5. Lazy Day

Emily's POV:


Niall was flirting with me. How am i supposed to not totally dig those amazingly blue eyes? Or his perfect hair. I was seriously restraning every muscle in my body to not just run my fingers through it. I was a stiff expression on my face after Niall's little flirt attemt. Honeslty it wasn't that big of a deal but I couldn't let this guys know that I was up for a little flirty friendship. That is how most of my boy friendships work at home. I barley know these boys, I've been flirted with by two of them, caught one of them staring, Louis, and the last one is a good boy, Liam.

"Thanks, for helping. All of you. My room looks amazing. Just how I pictured it in my head." I said turning to the rest of the boys, who were watching me and Niall, not so secretly.

"And it's even ten times better than you pictured it!" Harry half-yelled.

"And why is that?" I asked confused. Everyone turned their attention to Harry.

"Because now you've got me in it, love." He said winking at me. I just sighed, rolled my eyes and shook my head a bit. He really doesn't stop.

"Yeah. So what have you guys got planned for today? Mind if I crash them?" I ask them looking at all of them, lastly at Niall, keeping eye contact with him. He had to bend his head a bit downwards because I was shorter and I looked slightly up. We kept eyecontact for a while.

"Well actuallly, our plans were to show you around. Ever been to London before?" He said, his hot mint breath hitting my face, tickling my nose, sending shivers down my spine.

"Well, I'm a bit jetlagged and the time difference is messing with me so I just want a lazy day." Yes. That is my excuse for being lazy and not wanting to do a single damn thing.

"Okay first off. The flight lasts for like and hour, and secondly, what time difference is there between England and Scotland?" Liam finisished with a chuckle.

"Urgh. Fine! I'm lazy. Couldn't you just go with it? Good God!" I said overdramaticaly, dropping onto my bed. They all laughed at me. Bastards. (Jk😁)

"Fine we can have a lazy day with sweats, movies and junkfood. How does that sound?" Lou said clapping his hands.

"Sounds like my kind of afternoon." I say with a pleased smile and they all laugh again.

"If you change to lazy clothes and grab a few stuff to bring over then we can watch movies and what not at our place yeah?" Louis said, dragging me off my oh so comfortable bed.

"You all live together?" I ask a bit shocked.

"No love. We each have our own place but we have one joined house to for us all to use," Liam explained to me.

Oh alright. A bit weird if they all lived together. Spend everyday with each other and when they come home that's all they do again? Didn't make sense.

"Okay. So I'll change. Can you guys wait seeing as i don't know the way?"

"Of course doll we will be right here." Harry said with a smirk, thinking he was all clever because I said I was going to change and he thought I would change in here with them. I really did not want to know what thoughts he was thinking right now.

I moved into the walk-in closet an shut the door tight. I looked around. I was really lucky. I am forever greatful for having this dream come true. MY OWN WALK IN CLOSET!!!

"So what movies do you want to watch?" Niall asked through the door.

"Toy Story!" Me and Liam yelled at the same time. I opened the door immidietly.

"You are my new best friend. I fuckin' love you Payne." I said pointing at Liam.

"What about me? I thought I was your favorite!" Louis whined.

"Nah. Niall was always my favorite anyways. You were a close second though." I told him truthully. Niall had always been my favorite. So cute. So innocent.

"What about me?! Where do I stand?!" Harry asked joining in. He looked really frustrated. I just smiled at him which drove him more insane. Liam was lying on my bed stuffling his laughter. He found the whole sitation hilarious. Weird boy.

As i was finished changed in one minute I walked to get a bag right by the door when I bumped into a corner on one of the dresser's with my hip. You know those dramatic moments on tv where the person gets shor and fall to the ground in slow motion, clutching the wound. I swear that was exactly how I looked. I started shouting out random curse words and when I ran out of english words I started scottish and when I used all the ones I knew I moved to norwegian. Did I mention I'm half Norwegian? Yeah, my mom and all of her side are from Norway so I 'm half norwigish(is that even a word?!). I have a scottish accent because I have stayed there with my grandparents. Mum is in Norway and dad is god knows where. The most I've heard of him in 5 years is the oart were he agreed on sending me to London.

There was a knock while was getting up recovering from the 'gun shot'.

"Eemmm??? Are you alright?" Niall said with a chuckle on the end.

Great they heard me die. I grabbed a bag and turned the doorknob to be met by Niall and the rest of the four idiots were sitting on my bed.

"What the bloody hell was that??" Louis questioned from behing Niall. I shifted my gaze to him.

"What doy you mean?" I asked with an innocent smile.

"What were you shouting? It sounded like, well actually, I don't really know what it sounded like." Liam said thoughtfully.

"Oh that ehm... Yeah I swear a lot when I hurt myself. Nothing special." I said not looking anybbody straight in the eye.

"Are you alright?" Niall said looking at me with concern showing in his eyes. He is so sweet!

"Yeah I'm fine" I say with a kind smile

"Well actually the real question the rest of us what to know is; what language were you swearing in?" Harry said, getting a bit impatient.

"Ehm english, scottish and norwegian. Nothing special."

"You know norwegian?" Louis said looking at me in awe.

"Yeah. My mom's norwegian and my dad's scottish."

"You're awesome." Louis breathed. I just smiled a kind, but a bit akward smile at him. There is nothing special about knowing another language. I only know it because of my parents. Nothing to get all worked up about. Silence fell over the room.

"So you've got everything? Then we can head over to our place." Liam said getting up.

"Yeah, just gonna get snacks from the kitchen and were off." I said heading for the door.

Niall's POV:

As Em walked over to the door I couldn't help but stare at her. In her sweats and loose white t-shirt her perfect body showed so clearly. Not to be a total creep but damn! That ass!! No Niall!! Baaad Niall!!

Em walked in front of everyone, talking with Harru and walked into the kitchen where Jenna and Will were sitting at the breakfast bar.

"Hello dear. Is everything finished in your room?" Will said to Em.

"Yeah. Everything's set up. The boys were planning on going to their place to watch movies. Can I go? And if the answer is yes; what snacks can I steal with me?" She said giving puppydog eyes to Jenna. They seemed to work because her aunt went steaight to a large a cubard and opened it to reveal sweets, chocolate bars, cookies, crisps and fizzy drinks in every color.

"I've truly died and gone to heaven," me and Em said in unison staring with our mouths slighty open and eyeing every sweet treat in there. We turned to eachother and she gave me a toothy grin showing her dimples. Everyone laughed at us. We turned our attention back to the snackables.

"Remember you need to stay in shape. Ir you will be the ball rolling around the field next season." Jenna told Em with a stern glare.

"Fuck healthy. I will gladly be the ball they kick around the field if that means I get to eat all this." Em said pulling whatever food she fancied out of the cubard(maltesers, twix bars, oreo's, chocolate chip cookies, crunchie bars, white chocolate and more random chocolate).

"Language young lady." Will snapped at her.

(Norwegian swearing)"faen ta sunn mat for helvete. Eg bryr meg midt i rævhålet om jævla sunt kosthold" (rough translstion: fuck healthy food, to hell with it. I don't give a rats ass about good shape and healthy body.) Em half shouted, not too loudly but loud enough for affect. I didn't understand a word but she was hot when she swore in a different language. Her aunt and uncle didn't look like they understood a word either. They just looked completely lost and sighed, will rubbed his temples.

"Just be back by 12 yeah?" He said looking at Em.

"Yeah. Love you" Em said whilst stuffing goodies in her bag.

"How can you eat such junk and look like THAT!" Harry exclaimed, gesturing to all of Emily. She just rolled her eyes shook her head slighty. Did she not believe what Harry said?! Does she question her looks? Emily-- actually i don't know her last name. Emily questions her looks? Or is she just fed up with Harry hitting on her? I hope so because I'm fed up with him flirting with her.

Emily's POV:

When we got to their house, took about two minutes, we went straight to a home cinema area. When the guys started sitting down I practually sprinted to the corner of a bench with Liam sitting there. 1. Because we're toy story buddies. 2. Because he hasn't flirted with me and I won't feel akward falling asleep on him because I always fall asleep, even with toy story. 3. Because he's cute. Now for the movies. Time for a lazy afternoon with the boys.

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