Twilight was so amazing a few years ago, all the hot actors and crazy romance stories. But we all by now realise that there are so many things wrong with the story... so many ways to meddle with Bella and Edward's love life, so many ways Jacob could be the one for Bella, and so many reasons why Charlie could've been a much better father.
Well, this is where I come in!



1. Preface

I'd never given much thought to which colour I should dye my hair - though I'd had reason enough in the last few months - but even if I had, I would not ever have imagined choosing a colour like this.

I sat pretty willingly in the chair at the 'Haircare Salon' and stared into my own reflection. Surely it was a good colour to dye my hair, my mum even likes the idea, that ought to count for something. Although I think she is warming up to the idea of my departure...

I knew that if my mother hadn't forced me to leave Arizona I wouldn't be facing this hair-dying session right now. But annoyed as I was, I couldn't make mother let me stay. I tried so many times, bribes, tantrums, and speeches - fully rehearsed, mind. But she is desperate to be with Phillip.

My mother smirked at me as I walked out the salon, I saw the car was packed with everything I owned, at least most of it... She then gave me my plane ticket to Forkes.

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