The 1000th Wonder

This is one of my poems from my upcoming poetry collection.

All copyrights reserved.
If you use this poem, you have to credit me, as it is my own work, which should be known as a piece made by me and no other.


1. The 1000th Wonder - J. Dawter.


The sky shone a pearl-grey light.

Which created shadows like infants,

small and shaky – hard controlling its form it was.

I was flying like a leaf being pushed

Forwards, backwards – all kinds of wards.

Time passing by in a chaotic city,

with wet and slippery aisles and only whispers.

Hearing a distant, soft, gentle touch,

Creating thousands of emotions at once,

hard to catch even one.


Accomplishing beings, whom with their

music created sunbeams in an awful silent world.

How come no peace, no love, my love, my peace exist,

in a world with such admirable, daring and stunning talents?

I dare say, I shall never know.

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