Crashing Down



7. A/N

Hhheeeyyyeee!!!!! Sooo... I know that this is going like really fast and stuff......I AM SO FUCKING SORRY. Anywho. I know. Who would trust some random guy that lives next door? Yeah yeah I know. But really. If I didn't make this quick this book would last forever. Not literally but ya know what I mean. Hey so... This book is gonna have A LOTTA sad stuff and things that people pray NEVER happen to them sooooo ya. If you are disturbed by stuff that you see happen to people (mostly women) on the news, then STOP READING!!!!! Not that I don't want you to read it I love you I just wanna make sure you are fine with reading that kinda stuff. I HOPE OU LIKE IT!!! Give me some suggestions if you have any!!!!!!!!!! Love yous!!!


P.S. Sorry for all of the exclamation points...


⬆️ okay so that face sucked...


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