My brothers best friend.

Meet Luke Hemmings 16 year old little sister, Lela Hemmings.

Blond haired, blue eyed Hemmings.

2 months ago, Luke left on tour with his band, 5 seconds of summer.

Today, Lela left on a plane to join them.
What happens when she starts falling for one of Luke's best friends?



82. 7.6

"In your dreams!" Sam laughed

"Sadly" Samantha laughed

I felt myself blush lightly.


"Ah, my name is Samantha Burk and I'm also 22. Don't judge, but my favourite colours are pink and black. I'm a fangirl of many kinds, anything from dan and phil, to percy Jackson, to one direction and 5 seconds of summer" she pauses to think "I have braces"

So opens her mouth to show her pink and purple braces.

"I often spend my nights eating Nutella out of the jar, while watching youtubers, writing fan-fiction and stalking my best friends brother" she stops and laughs slightly

"When are you going to kidnap Luke?" Sam asks

"Soon" she laughs "umm, I live with one of my best friends, Sam," she points to Sam "and Finn"


Is Finn a boy?

Why does she live with a boy?


Suddenly, there's a car outside.

"Oh look, here they come" Samantha smiles

The door opens showing.....

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