My brothers best friend.

Meet Luke Hemmings 16 year old little sister, Lela Hemmings.

Blond haired, blue eyed Hemmings.

2 months ago, Luke left on tour with his band, 5 seconds of summer.

Today, Lela left on a plane to join them.
What happens when she starts falling for one of Luke's best friends?



68. 6.3

-6 months later-

I yawn and stretch my arms out.

"Good morning sexy" Felix yawns

"Morning" I reply, sitting up.

"Looking forward for today?" Felix asked

"Yes" I smile

Today we're choosing out another dog to be friends with Edgar.

Yea, Felix's pug Edgar lives with us.

We picked him up from the kennel the day Felix moved in with us.

We share a room and Edgar lives outside.

I was worried about how he would act around the children but he's been awesome.

The kids love him and he's really careful around him.

And on that point, we have Felix.

Felix treats the triplets like his own, which is extremely cute and amazing.

He's pretty much their dad and he acts like he is.

Darcy is such a daddy's girl, she's always cuddling up to him and always calms down for him.

I recon her first word will be daddy.

"What type of dog do you want to get?" Felix asked, shaking me out my thoughts

"I don't know, a small one" I shrug

Felix smiles

"Maybe a sausage dog?" He suggest

"Yea" I nod "I love sausage dogs"

"Me too" he smiles


I kneel down to the tank and look inside.

There's a small, long dog sitting, staring right into my soul.

"Felix, what about this one?" I ask

Me and Felix swap places and he taps the glass.

"I think he's the one" Felix smiles

I smile and push the huge pram over to the counter.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The lady asks

"We would like to buy a dog"


I quietly shut the triplets door and walk downstairs.

"So, do we all get to name the sausage?" Jacob asks

"Of course" Felix laughs

"Hmm, how about Franky?" Tyler suggests

"I like it" I smile

Everyone agrees.

"So, Franky?" I ask



So there you go, they have a dog named Franky.

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