will i ever get better??

Hi my name is Julia and im 14 years old my mother died when I was only 4 years old my father blames it on me and he is also a drunk and a druggy and abuses me im never aloud out of my house unless it is to go steal something for him and as time passes by I get beat harder and im ust about done with this think called 'life' that I don't even really know that well


15. Niall i feel useless!!


Julia's P.O.V


"oh my god Niall pleas!!!" I begged, at this moment I was getting really, really mad, he is taking his mom the air port and I wanted to go, but no!!!!!!!!! I half to stay in bed!, "Julia I told u once I should not half to tell u again, I will pick up some food on the way back and Ed will be here in like ten minutes, I will see u when I get back know my mom is in the car so bye" he said and walked out of my room "not fair!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled at him "Julia Grace Horan stop!!!" he demanded and I rolled my eyes and walked dawn stairs with my phone, I had got to now Maria very well she spent lots of time with me in bed, she did everything for me and Niall witch made me feel, useless, and did not like that feeling and Niall wont let me do a single thing he finally let me go dawn the stairs more than once yesterday, I just feel like shit m period is still going fast it had been for the past week and a half so if your a girl u can imagine haw I must feel, I literally want to rip someone's head off, is that bad? nah, I mean seriously 5 flippin boxes of pads!! what the fuck?? is that normal? no I don't think so! I got pulled out of my thoughts of my problems by Ed walking in the door "well hello there Ed" "hey Julia what are u doing?" he asked me and I was completely honest with him "I'm am having a argument with myself and also asking myself questions and being mad at Niall" I said "well what's up with the convo's and questions with yourself?" Ed asked me and I looked at him with a serious look and said "you. don't. want. to. know" "um okay, I'm gonna go get a water u want one?" he asked me "sure" I replied.


Ed's P.O.V


Me and Julia have got to know each other quite well, I walked back in the living room and Julia was texting so I took the chance to asked who she was texting "who ya texting?" "the girls and Niall do u want something from bk?" she asked me "just a cheeseburger pleas" I asked "kk" she said and went back to texting, boy she sure did act like a normal teenage girl for a girl that had been abused all her life but I guess she was trying to move on and that is a very good thing, "should we see what's in the telly?" I asked her "sure" she said and handed me the tv remote and I turned it on and started flipping through the tv shows I found nothing other than tom and jerry so I went to Netflix and it was on Julia and I looked at her continue watching list and I seen the best of me was on there she should not be watching that "why are u watching the best of me?" I asked her "Ed! give me that?" she demanded "I'm telling Niall" I said and held the remote in the air not thinking about her stomach "why do i care? give me that!!" she yelled at me and jumped up but stretched her stomach out to far and made the area hurt and she fell on the couch crying "Julia!!" I got scared she wouldn't take a breath she was just holding her breath "Julia breath pleas breath!" I told her and she finally let a sob out and held her stomach "it hurts" she sobbed out then Niall walked in the door, oh fuck I'm in deep, deep shit.


Niall's P.O.V


I heard Julia sob when I was walking to the door and got scared and mad what did she do, or what did Ed do? I wondered I got in the door and put everything dawn and ran over to Julia who was laying on the couch sobbing and Ed on the ground next to her "what happened?" I asked "I was playing around with her and I was not thinking about her stomach and I raised the remote in the air and she tried to get it and she stretched her stomach out to far I think, I'm sorry Niall I am really its all my fault" he explained "Niall it huts make it stop it hurts so bad" she sobbed to me and turned her head from left to right just sobbing "I now I now let me look at your stomach" I told her and lifted her shirt and there was nothing there other than it was black and blue a little bit, I picked her up and took her up stairs and laid her in her bed and got her pills and water from my room I didn't let her keep her pills and even so she wouldn't remember to take them so it was just better for me to keep it, I gave her the meds and laid dawn next to her and started singing to her and rubbing her stomach and she started to fall asleep, thank god the meds made her tired it helped at times like this I turned her tv on and turned it dawn, she was watching the best of me we where watching that together a while ago but once I did that I pulled the covers over her tinny stomach and walked out and cracked the door open then went back dawn stairs to Ed "did u know she was watching the best of me?" he asked me "we where watching it together" I told him "oh, is she gonna be ok?" he asked "yeah she feel asleep" I told him "alright" he said "I'm hungry" I told him "lets eat" he said and we went to the kitchen and ate and chilled for a little while until he left then i went and sat in Julia's room watching the best of me

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