The Journey

After spending all of her life being just a few months younger than Niall and for most of her childhood living next door. Will Niamh and Niall begin developing feelings and be able to overcome any challenges they face...


6. The big surprise

Niall face timed Niamh regularly with the boys, as did her parents. They were all glad to see she was ok and doing well. Niamh and Niall had a regular pattern of sending letter to eachother talking about everything they are going to do when she gets back and how he misses her and informing her of how her brothers are doing and what the band is up to.

Niamh’s tour had been extended by a month so Niall had no clue when she was going to be home. Nor did Niamh. Niall was back on tour so she had to think of a plan to surprise him. Then she had an idea. She got in touch with the boys manager and told him not to tell any of them especially Niall and she was going to surprise them in a weeks’ time during their show. It was all planned and ready.

The day came for Niamh’s flight home. She was so excited; finally she was going to see her family and friends face to face for the first time in over a year. She got of her plane and as planned the boys manager was there waiting for her. The boys were about to go on stage but he had told them he needed to nip out to get a few bits for after the show. He drove her back to the stadium and Niamh was so nervous, she was worried how he was going to react and if it was the right time or place to do such a special surprise. But the boys’ manager assured her that she would be fine and that it was the perfect time and place as all the boys had been complaining about how much they miss her.

The boys had just finished performing Story of My Life and they were doing one of their talks when their manager butted in and walked on stage. He explained that he was sorry for interrupting but he had a message from Niamh and he wanted them to see it. The message played and at the end their manager said that Niamh was sorry she couldn’t be here for the tour but she sent the next best thing. Then out she walked into a packed stadium. The crowds screaming and cheering. Then Niall and the boys realised it was her and went running over to her and gave her a massive group hug. They all then stepped back apart from Niall who was standing there hugging the love of his life and his best friend crying his eyes out, the camera put the shot up on the big screens and the entire crowd thought it was so cute and all started cheering and singing Little Things.

Later that evening after the show all they boys went back to the hotel and they all went into Nialls room and sat and watched films together with Niamh, which was something they hadn’t been able to do in a long time. Niall then thought it was the perfect time. The perfect time to give Niamh her own surprise. He popped out for a minute then came back in. He was ready, but ready for what. He walked over to Niamh took her hand and started to explain about how much he loves her. Then, he got down on one knee and asked her to make him the happiest man alive and would she marry him. Of course, she said yes. It was a dream come true… she was going to marry the love of her life.

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