The Journey

After spending all of her life being just a few months younger than Niall and for most of her childhood living next door. Will Niamh and Niall begin developing feelings and be able to overcome any challenges they face...


3. That day

She was waiting in the line, not really wanting to be there and as bored as anything. Then suddenly from behind her she recognised a very familiar voice. She thought it couldn’t be but turned around to check. There he was, standing there. It was Niall. He was literally standing right behind her all this time. The two caught up on everything. Niamh’s friend never got through but Niall did. So she invited him back to her house so he could catch up with all the family.

A few weeks later she and her family went back to their home in Ireland and saw how nothing had changed in so long. Niamh supported Niall throughout the competition and was the shoulder for him to cry on when he didn’t get through and the one who he could celebrate with when he got through, but this time in a band. Two years later Niamh and Ronan finished school and Niamh was accepted into university and Ronan went into the world of work. Niall had been in has band now for two years and they are doing amazingly well and are set to release a second album in a few weeks. Niamh and Niall are now closer than ever, but will someone ask that question? Everything once again was happy and going well.

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