Emma Malfoy

*complete* I was Emma Dursley. I am Emma Potter. I will be Emma Malfoy.
It's been a long life for me...


1. One

"Emma! Come down here, please!" Rose called. I was in our dorm reading a book. "Coming!" I called, as I put the bookmark in my book, Hogwarts: A History. 

I saw Scorpius and he said, "Hullo, love." "Hullo, Scorpius," I said back to him. We were dating and we were really close. Like, closer than Jake Bellis and Alicia Dari. That's saying something. "There you go Scorpius. That'll be one date with Luke Johnson," Rose said as she left. "What was that about?" I asked Scorpius. "Every time she does something for me, I have to get her a date with someone of her choice. I'd say the weirdest one so far would be a date with my sister. I always thought she was straight." "She is. It was for her brother, Hugo." "Oh. Okay," Scorpius said.

It was our last week of schooling at Hogwarts. Everyone was so excited!!!



Scorpius looked straight into my eyes and said, "Emma Potter, when I came to Hogwarts I thought it would be boring. Then I met you. Er, saw you that first day of school. I thought, wow. I wonder who she is and if she's single. I thought you were the best thing ever! Then I met Rose, and I was sure you were the best thing ever to happen to me. Emma Potter. Will yo marry me?" He asked. I had tears in my eyes when I said, "Yes!" (A/N See, I told you that you knew what was going to happen) He hopped up and grabbed me bridal style. 
"Scorpius! We're not married yet!" I squealed. "I know, I'm just practicing," he laughed. 

He carried me down to the Great Hall where everyone was having lunch, "Oh! I almost forgot about lunch," I laughed.



I wrote to father about my engagement to Emma.

My dear father,

     It's Scorpius writing to you. You know how you said, "Find a love at Hogwarts." Well, I did! Her name is Emma, and she is amazing! We're already engaged! When you meet her, I'll tell you her surname. But not yet, it'll ruin the surprise. 

Your son,



I wasn't sure when Emma would meet my father, but I was sure that he'd love her!!!

I never thought to tell Emma that someone dared me to go out with her. I know it was Albus, but I couldn't tell her that. It I did she'd be heartbroken! 

But I now knew that I loved her. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.



I was SO happy! I had to write to Harry and Ginny about it!


Dear Ginny and Harry,

Hullo! How is work at the Ministry? I hope it's going well.

I have a big announcement to make. I am engaged! I won't tell you to whom, but I will when you meet him. 




I didn't know what Harry would think about me and Scorpius together, but I thought he was amazing!!!

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