Atarashii Sekai

Two friends find themselves in a new world


3. Execution

“Satoshi wake up”.

I couldn’t get any sleep last night.

I looked at Satoshi.

It’s amazing how he can just sleep like a baby after getting transported to another world.

But it’s also kind of annoying how he won’t get up in the morning.

I mean, we’ve been friends since childhood so I would know.


Ugh. I’m really hungry.

We really need to secure food and water before I starve to death.

“Satoshi, wake up”.

I even shook his shoulders this time but he’s still sleeping away.

It kinda pisses me off.

I wish we had some cold water so I could splash it on his face, or some whipped cream so I could prank him.

But I guess I’ll have to settle for a forehead flick.

“Wake, UP!”


– Oww!

– Good morning.

– What the fuck!?

– You wouldn’t wake up, so I had to flick you.

– You didn’t have to flick me so har- Oh… Are you hungry?

What’s that supposed to mean?

– Yes, I’m hungry but what does that have to do with anything?

– Well, Akira you kinda turn into a dick when you’re hungry.

This bastard…

– Whatever, are you ready?

– Ready for what?

– To enter town.

– Oh, I was born ready.

This isn’t a movie.

– Stop being so cheezy, go get your bag.

There was a distance of about 2 minutes between our location and the town.

2 minutes later…

“Woah, look at that! And this! And this!!!”

“Satoshi calm down, you’re drawing attention”.

Even though Satoshi is acting like a girl from the countryside, people are staring way too much.

Is it because of how cool I look?

“Mom, those two guys are wearing really weird clothes!”, a little boy said while pointing at us.

The mother looked at us apologetically before gripping the boy’s hand with a monstruos strenght and walking away.

Mothers are scary.

But at least now thanks to the kid, we’ve established that our clothes are what’s unusual about us.

– Satosh-… I’m actually getting tired of saying your whole name so I’ll just call you Sato like when we were kids. Is that cool?

– Yeah, sure.

– Alright now let’s get back to the issue at hand. We stand out from the rest of the crowd because we are wearing modern clothes, maybe our bags are too modern as well, anyways we need to get new clothes and probably new bags.

– So what kind of clothes are we gonna wear now?

– We will have to wear kimonos, but I hear they’re comfortable so it’ll probably turn out alright.

Sato’s face became bright red.

– Forget it!

– What is it this time?

– I’m not wearing girl outfits!


One would think Sato knew better from all his anime knowledge but whatever.

Guess I’ll have to.

– It’s a common misconception that kimonos are worn only by females but in medieval Japan, everybody was wearing kimonos. It’s only nowadays in our world that only women wear kimonos and even when they do it, they do it on rare occasions- such as festivals or traditional partys or maybe when serving tea.

Welcome to history 101, Sato.

Sato looked kinda confused for a second and was doing some hard thinking but then he stopped (I guess his brain hurt by too much thinking).

– Ok, I get it know but Akira, how did you even know this?

– Manga… Is awesome.

– Anime’s better.

– I think I just proved manga is better, okay Sato?

– No, I stand by anime.

Whatever, we don’t have time for this.

– Anyways, we need to find a kimono store quickly.

Throughout our entire conversation (mine and Sato’s) two thug looking guys had been watching us, secretly listening in on our conversation but I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want any trouble.

But, now they started moving towards us. Ah, they’re here.

They are almost identical in appearance, the only difference would have to be that one of them is taller than the other.

“Hello, my name is Densuke, the lad behind me is my younger brother Gouta, we couldn’t help but overhear your conversation, you needed to find a kimono store? We can guide you there”.

The shorter one started talking. So the taller one standing behind him is his younger brother.

I don’t think we should trust them.

“What! You’ll guide us there? Great! Show us”.

Sato, you idiot!

“Alright then, follow us”.

Sigh~. Guess I can’t reject them now…

5 minutes later…

We’ve just been going deeper and deeper into town. I can’t even see any stores around us.

When we arrived at what seemed like an alley, the brothers turned around.

The older brother started talking.

“Well, this has been fun! Now, hand over those strange bags of yours”.

“Whaat!? You’re robbing us??”, Sato asked with a confused expression on his face.

The younger brother started applauding.

“Bravo, so the country bumpkins have brains after all! Brother, this is a major discovery!”, he exclaimed with a voice dripping of sarcasm.

“Just hand over the bags and no one gets hurt”, the older brother said.

I don’t like being told what to do.

“And if we refuse?”, I calmly asked.

The two brothers looked at each other and grinned. Apparently they had been waiting for this.

“Then we’ll just have to make you!”, the younger brother said while swinging his fist trying to hit Sato.

Big mistake.

Ever since Sato and I were kids, our dads have been training us.

Not karate or muay thai or anything like that, just techniques they’ve made themselves.

Our dads taught us that there are two types of fighters.

The instinctive types and the conscious types.

An instinctive type learns how to fight by actual combat and experiencing the moves with their body that way the muscle memory remembers. And then when they actually fight, the moves will come to them without them even trying. It’s like a reflex.

Yes, you guessed it, Sato’s an instinctive type.

And then there’s me, the conscious type.

A conscious type learns by watching and studying techniques so that later when he fights, he is fully aware of what he is doing.

The younger brother swung at Sato.

Sato smoothly took a step to the right and avoided the punch, Sato kicked the younger brother’s leg so he was brought to his knees and then Sato’s punch cleanly landed on his chin so he passed out.

Sato’s a nice guy.

Me? I’m kinda pissed right now.

Now the older brother is coming at me with his fist raised, clearly avoiding Sato, hahaha.

What an unlucky guy.

I caught his fist with my hand, now for his punishment.

First, I kneed him in the crotch, secondly I punched him in in the solar plexus, then I punched him in the throat and I finished it all with a good ol’ fashioned punch in the face.

Now both brothers were knocked out cold.

“Woah Akira, that was cruel”, Sato said with a hint of fear in his voice.

“What? He deserved it!”.

“I don’t know… We really did a number on them”, Sato said with a worried look on his face.

Sato truly is kind.

“Trust me Sato, they deserved it. They’re scumbags. And we got kimonos and new bags so, cheer up!”.

4 minutes later…

“Akira, this kimono is too big for me”.

“Just bear with it for now”.

We took all of the brother’s belongings, even their pouch of money and I know I keep saying this but, they really did deserve it!

Anyways, we had been walking for about 15 minutes when we reached what seemed to be the town square.

There were a crowd gathered around a stage.

And when I say stage, I don’t mean a stage used for entertainment. I mean a stage used for execution.

– Hey Akira, is that what I think it is?

– Yes.

On stage there was a guillotine. You know, that medieval tool used for beheading criminals? Yeah that one.

– Akira we have to stop this!

– Do we really?

Sato looked at me with a surprised look on his face.

– What if the criminal has killed someone’s mother? Hmm? Do you still want to stop it?

– Yes!

Sato answered without any hesitation. What a headstrong guy.

The criminal was brought up on stage with her hands tied behind her back and a bag covering her face.

The executioner started naming the crimes she had committed. And at the end of the list he said, “The witch shall die!”.

The crowd answered with an approving roar.

I answered with silence. Because now that I had found out that this was just a witch hunt, Sato and I have to somehow save her. Oh well, saving her takes priority, we can think about what to do later.

Sato and I made our way through the crowd when the executioner finally removed the bag from her face.

What he revealed was the most stunningly beautiful face I had ever witnessed.

Her silver hair and her piercing red eyes. I will never forget the moment when our eyes met that fleeting second. That second that seemed like it would never end… But it did end.

It ended when the executioner raised that huge axe of his.

Now I was desperate to make it in time.

Sadly, I didn’t make it in time to save her. But I did make it in time to see something extraordinary. It was like it all happened in an instant.

She ripped the rope that was keeping her hands restricted and raised her palm towards the executioner.

The executioner seemed terrified, I can’t blame him.

Out of her palm came this dark blue orb of light and it hit the executioner in the chest so that he got blasted away ten feet.

Right after she had dealt with the executioner she faced her palms towards the floor and out of her palms came a light blue light this time and it blasted her away up in the air, all of this while having a calm and composed look on her face.

And then she flew away from the crowd, from me… As if! I wasn’t gonna let her go that easily!

So, I followed her flight path with my eyes and I started sprinting to where I knew she would land.

– Hey Akira, wait!

Sorry, Sato. You’re just gonna have to keep up.

We arrived where she landed just in time to see her use the same light blue light to fly away again.

And this time I lost sight of her.

– Fuck!

I’m just having the shittiest day, aren’t I?

– *Wheeze* *pant*.

Looks like Sato caught up.

– Why did you follow her?

That’s a good question… Why did I follow her?

– I don’t know, my body just moved on it’s own.

Sato looked at me with suspicious eyes.

– What?

– Oh, it’s nothing.


– Anyways, did you see what she did back there?

Sato’s eyes immedietaly started shining.

– Yeah! The blue ball of light! And that other light! That was totally magic!

Yes, exactly. Magic.

– I know right? If that really was magic, we have got to learn it as soon as possible!

It would be nice if I could see that girl with the piercing red eyes again though…


Shit. I forgot. I am starving.

– Sato, I really am starving, let’s find food.

– Yeah, no kidding! I’m starving too.

So we went begging.

Instead of going to people on the street to beg, we knocked on doors to ask for some food.

We had already asked like 15 places and gotten turned down by all of them when it became dark out.

The people of this world are cruel.

But then again, so were the people of Earth.

We were at our limit when we saw the last house on the street. But this house… This house wasn’t ordinary.

First of all, even though it was on the same street as the other houses it was distanced from them quite a bit.

Almost like the other houses was staying away from it or something.

Second of all, the house wasn’t really a house per se. It was more like a japanese styled mansion.

And lastly, the colour of the house was pitch black. Now if that doesn’t scream cursed mansion, I don’t know what does!

But I was really, really, reaaally hungry.

So we proceeded.

We knocked on the door, and the most witch-looking grandma I have ever seen opened.

She was short, really wrinkly but she had this kind smile.


“Hello my name is Akira. The fellow behind me is my friend Satoshi. We were wondering if you could spare us some food and water”.

The grandma pondered for a bit and then answered, “Very well! Come in!”.

I walked into the house expecting to see a ghost, werewolf or something like that but what came lounging at me with it’s fist raised was something else entirely.

It was the girl with the red eyes.

But before her fist reached my face, the grandma flicked the girl’s forehead with the speed of lightning.

The girl flew back about 3 feet and fell down.

Woah, that grandma is a beast.

“Akane! Is that any way to greet a guest!?”, the grandma asked furiously

(at this point we were all scared of her).

Akane, still expressionless pointed at me and said with a monotone voice, “Grandma, they are the enemy”.

Ah, her eyes are really wonderf- wait what?!


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