Young Blood (MGC)


My name is Andrea Russett, I'm seventeen years old and I'm obsessed with cats. I mean, they're so cute and fluffy and heart melting! But anyways, back to the main subject.

Right now, I'm at the airport with my parents and my older brother, Blake. We're having breakfast at some Second Cup shop, before we have to get on our flight. See, my dad had this promotion at work, so we have to move to Sydney, Australia. I will seriously miss Fort Wayne! But I guess it'll be the start of a new life... Blah!


5. Chapter Four

“I know I'm incredibly sexy but can you please stop staring at me?” The guy with dyed hair sarcastically says, smirking.


“Oh... S-sorry...” I whisper, blushing.


“Mikey, stop messing with the poor girl!” Lauren says, hitting his arm.


“I've never seen you here before... Are you new?” The one with dark brown hair asks me.


“Yes, she is. Lads, this is Andrea. She's from America,” Luke smiles.


“Hey, there! I'm Michael but you can call me Mikey, or sex god.”


“Shut up, Mike!” The one with fluffy brown hair says. “Sorry about that. Just don't worry about him, he's an idiot. Anyways, I'm Ashton and he's Calum.”


“Oh, so you're Jackie's boyfriend?” I ask him.


“Sure am,” He smirks, before kissing her.


Then, the lights go out and some lighting lights up the stage.


“We have to go now, but I'll see you after the gig, babe,” Calum tells Jackie, before giving her one last kiss.


“Good luck, boys!” North smiles.


“Yeah, good luck,” Lauren says.


“You guys are amazing! Especially you, Luke...” Zoe murmurs the last part so nobody but her can hear it.


Although, I heard her and I can't help but smile. The guys go on stage and soon enough, the pleasant sound of guitar fills the room, before the silence comes back again.


“Thank you for having us tonight, Annandale Hotel!” Luke says in the microphone. Some girls start screaming so loud that I'm sure their lungs will come out of their throat.


“Dude, this is insane!” I yell in Jackie's ear.


“I know right!” She laughs.


“So, the first song we're going to sing is called Try Hard and this is for a certain Andrea who comes straight from America, so everyone, give her a good round of applauds!” Michael smirks as my cheeks heat.


What the actual *beep*?! People all around me start applauding me as I feel my cheeks burning.


“Annandale Hotel, are you ready?” Ashton asks when people have calmed down, and everyone starts screaming their lungs out again.


Then, music fills the room and everyone starts jumping around and screaming, before singing along with Luke.


'She dropping outta school 'cause she don't need the grades

The colours in her hair don't seem to fade

I get dressed up when I go out, but she gets dressed down'


Then Calum starts singing and Jackie fangirls so hard, I'm sure she's gonna hit the ceiling and fall back on her butt if she keeps on jumping like that.


'She's seventeen, I told her I'm twenty

I couldn't take her out 'cause Mum's got no money

It's stuff like this that makes me wish that I could change somehow'


Luke then takes the lead.


'Sitting here at home'


And finally, Calum and Michael joins him, while Ashton plays the drums like a boss.


'It's obvious,

She's so out of reach, and I'm finding it hard

'Cause she makes me feel, makes me feel,

Like I try, like I try, like I'm trying too hard,

'Cause I'm not being me, and it's getting me down

That she makes me think, makes me think,

That I try, that I try, that I'm trying too hard again

'Cause I'm trying too hard again'


Man, they're really good! Luke and Michael kick butts at guitar, Calum is amazing at bass and Ashton's skills in playing drums are simply incredible.


I look at Michael and I notice he's looking back at me. We make eye-contact. Fudge! I immediately look away, too shy to keep on making eye-contact with him.


Then, North smiles at me and puts her lips to my ear.


“He's still looking at you,” She tells me, while giggling.


I place my attention once again on the stage and look at Michael for the second time. He's still looking into my eyes, with his beautiful green orbs that are twinkling in the lighting of the scene, while he's smirking at me. Damn, he's so handsome!


Wait, no! Andrea, you are NOT falling for a dude you just met like fifteen minutes ago!




“So, did you like the concert?” Jackie asks me, as we're all walking to some restaurant to celebrate.


“Yeah, it was awesome!” I say, smiling.


“And what did you think about us?” Michael winks.


“You were amazing. I mean, I play guitar but you guys... You guys are pros!”


“Well you're not that bad yourself,” Jackie smiles at me.


“Well, compared to them, I kinda suck,” I laugh.


“You'll have to show me one day,” Michael says, taking my hand in his.


Oh. My. God. His hand is so soft! No, Drea! Snap out of it!


“Um, yeah... About that, I don't play in front of people...” I mumble, detaching my crossed fingers from his, as I recuperate my hand.


“Why not?” He smirks. Ugh, this boy!


“Because I don't want to,” I snap, rolling my eyes.


“Okay, okay. I'm sorry...” He says, putting his hands on his heart, pretending to be offended.


“Anyways, are we there soon? I'm hungry,” I say, changing the subject.


“Yeah, we'll be there in like two minutes,” Zoe says, walking beside Luke.


Aw! These two will end up together, I can tell! They're so cute together, and they would be perfect for each other!




We went to Pizza Hut for some after party thingy and we ordered two Hersey's cookie pizzas, that we all shared together. Then, we talked, we laughed, we had fun, and it was already time to go home. Time went by so fast, but I enjoyed my night. I think I like Michael, but it's too early to tell...

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