Scare University, book 1: Hiding

Holt is a normal teenager trying to get through life, he's a popular kid at his school and is the life of the party. But as he goes into college everything changes, his friends split up, his best friend breaks his heart, and a lot of drama occurs. Holt meets new people at his college, some friends and some enemies. Amy is the daughter of the shapeshifter, and is the new girl at school. She has a tough time at first and some of her class mates are not helping. Walk with them as they experience the changes in their lives , and the mysteries they uncover.


4. A Bad Feeling

 Amy spent the next couple days fanging out with Anabis and Angel. One morning when the wind whistled and the sky was gray, Amy felt as if she was being watched at school. "what's wrong?" asked Anabis, "I feel like we're being followed". Suddenly, Amy's mind went into a headache and her vision went white, a scene appeared in her mind.


She couldn't see, but she heard a familiar voice, "I'm sorry my dear, but things had to go the hard way". "Who are you" Amy managed to say. "I am your only lover, even if you don't love me". Amy knew right away who he was. "leave me alone", "or what?" He laughed "you're powerless against me". Amy try to move her hands, but she noticed they were tied tightly with a rope. Amy screamed as hard as she could, and she felt someone begin to run and grab something..


"Amy" a voice called. Amy woke up to a flashlight in her face and Anabis right by her side. "Wha-what happened?" Amy asked. "You passed out while you were talking to me". Amy looked around and saw that she was in the first aid room. She sat up and thought for a while. Amy stood up and walked into the hallway with Anabis. It was Brocko, the leader of the wolf pack. Amy thought to herself. She looked around the hallway and noticed Brocko staring at her with a creepy look. Amy felt uneasy. "Let's get out of here". "Wha-why?" Anabis asked. Amy looked at Brocko and Anabis followed her gaze. "Ugh, that creep". They both walked away, but Amy heard footsteps behind them. She stopped. "What's your problem?" She asked. "What do you mean he replied with a devilish smile on his face. "You've been stalking us all day"

"so?" He replied

"so?!! NORMAL PEOPLE DONT STALK SOMEONE " this time Anabis spoke.

"except when they belong to someone" he said

"Oh that's it you little shit!! I'm not you're dog! I don't belong to you" Amy said

"if you don't leave us alone I'm calling the cops " Anabis said

"there's no need for tha.." But he couldn't finish.

Amy grabbed Anabis's hand and ran out of the school.

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