my hate for you binds us.

Corporal Levi of the scouting corps; humanities strongest soldier,
Finds the corrupt life he has recognised as his to be in the mist of self destruction.
His top scouts have fallen and he is left in a similar situation as before when his companions ;who had followed him to civilization died, distorted memories coming back to haunt him, how is he to react when his last beloved shows him self to be alive?.


1. prologue

Soft sounding foot steps traced around the surrounding walls, swallowed in by the bitter smell of rusted copper and the sound of wails belonging to the many scouts stuck in a cycle of nightmares due to the previous events of the week.

In view of the scarlet tinted moon stood one, who had opted to walk the castle in which they were using for a base.

His steps were almost delicate, excluding the slight limp caused by a small fracture.

In stature he was small and deceiving, weighing much less then most of the cadets who were under him in status.

His hight was also something to suggest he be a weak being, only used to bait in such giant creatures that they were put to destroy.

Upon the small man's body was designed cloth, neat needle work proving for such fin cloths; this trousers fit snugly around his shaped thighs pulled tight along his curved buttocks.

A fine silk blouse buttoned around his chest and a short expensive coat left to rest on top his shoulders with out the arms being pulled thru.

His features held stiff with resentment and eternal pain, dark silver blue irises loomed over the surrounding dirt.

With a quick kiss of the teeth he turned back towards the castle, his elborn locks slightly moving to cover his eyes at the parting, the back of his head, near the nape was left bare with a buzz cut.

Making his way back inside he awaited the predicted lecture he was to be given by the commander.

It was put of long enough, besides if he were to rudely awaken the man, then he would get some vague enjoyment out of his annoyance.

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