Fifteenth Year

Jade is just a shut out high school student who doesn't like people. . . until someone steps into her life to show her how special a bond can be.


4. Four

When Saturday morning rolled around, Jade got out of bed and checked her cell phone. She had given Nick her phone number the day before, just to make meeting up easier. Her phone had two text messages from him:




hey jade



i’ll meet u at the library at noon

want a ride?





Jade texted back that she didn’t want a ride, she could walk alone. But Nick couldn’t take no as an answer.




i insist

we can ride the bus together






Jade met Nick at the bus stop at 11:30, earlier than planned. “Hi, Jade. How are you?” Nick asked, being as nice as possible. “I’m fine,” Jade replied, softly and shyly. The bus showed up after a few minutes of awkward silence and waiting, and Nick let Jade go in first. Why’s he being so nice to me? Jade thought. She smiled, and found a seat in the back of the bus, as usual. She took Day in the Dark from her tote bag and began to read it.  Nick sat down on the seat beside her. He was staring at her for about a minute before she noticed. “Why are you staring at me?” Jade asked, smiling. She was really trying not to be mean; Nick was a good guy. “No reason,” Nick answered shyly, smiling, his curly brown hair shining in the sunlight. He looked down at his shoes, his really cool Nikes. It was March, so it wasn’t very cold nor was it hot. Nick played with his sweater sleeve. Jade attempted not to make eye contact with him, but it was nearly impossible, his eyes were just so blue. They smiled at each other a little, and Jade was super nervous.

Nick and Jade soon arrived at the library. Nick went to a computer, and Jade went through the shelves to look for some books. Nick was an okay student, so he didn’t need much help from Jade. He collected notes, typing them up in a document. Jade found three books about the formation of Earth, and took notes on a note-pad while reading them. After half an hour, Nick called Jade to the computer desk. She pulled out a chair and settled next to him, but not too close. “I was thinking we could email Charlotte the notes I took. It’d be easier than explaining to her on Monday.” Nick said. Jade nodded. “That’s a good idea, go ahead and do that.” she said, politely.

“We’ve got enough work done for our science project today,” Nick started. “so maybe we can focus on some homework from other classes.”

“Sure,” Jade replied. “Do you need help with something?” she asked. Jade was willing to help him, as she didn’t get to help people very much. She was so used to her mother doing the housework for her, the Jade got into the habit of not helping people. Now was her chance.

“Yeah, I’m kind of stuck on the French homework. Do you know how to finish this question?” he asked, going through his bag, pulling out a paper and pointing at it. “Yeah,” Jade answered, and Nick gave her the paper, “You just have to add and E here, and an accent symbol here.” she said. Nick smiled. “Thanks, Jade. But how do you pronounce this word?” Jade squinted at the page. “Aime. It means ‘like’.” Nick smiled again, looking up at her. “Like.” he repeated. “That’s pretty easy.”

After all the homework, the two decided to head home. Nick held open the library’s main door for Jade. “Thanks.” she said. She started to walk over to the bus stop, but Nick stopped her. “Jade, we can walk home.” he said. “No, I’d rather take the bus. Walking is lonely.” she replied, and pulled her hair behind her ear. “No, you’ll have company,” he said. Nick pointed at himself. “Okay, then. We’ll walk.” she said. Nick beamed, and smiled. “Okay.” he said, happily.



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