Loving the Bad Boy ( Sequel to Playing the Bad Boy)

Sequel to Playing the Bad Boy. They say that love stories always end with a happy ending but what will happen for Luke, and Leah. Leah has already stolen his heart but, can she keep it. You'll have to read to find out.


3. Chapter 3

          That night after staying at the guys place for several hours, I went home. " Hello Honey." My Mom said coming to me and kissing my cheek.

          " Hey Mom." I said smiling at her genuinely. Even though she might not have as much time as she used to, she always seemed to take time to acknowledge my presents. It felt wrong to leave without telling here but, I needed Luke, he was my everything, he was my life.

         She pulled me into a hug saying. " We bought everyone cupcakes today, so, I saved you one." I smiled at her excitedly. " It's in the fridge." I nodded at her and ran to the fridge grabbing the cupcake and walking up to my room.

         I sat down on my bed and contemplated the decision I was about to make while quickly scarfing down my cupcake. I just felt so guilty leaving my family with out telling them. But again I knew it was the right decision because if Luke left without me, we would just grow apart and our relationship would just not exist anymore.

        I finally sighed packing three suitcases full of all the clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories, electronics, and important memorabilia that I owned.

        I then sat down on my bed and started writing a quick note to Lucy.


I love you baby girl. I'm really sorry that I had to ditch our plans for today.

I went on tour with One Direction! I know how much you love Niall. :)

When I get back I promise to hang out with you everyday for two weeks.

I also got a phone from my special friend Luke so, if you want to call me at anytime my number is on the back.

Lots of Love: Leah

         I then put my phone number on the back and left the note on my bed. I suddenly heard my window creak open and I looked over to see Luke. " So, you ready?" He asked smiling at me widely with excitement.

        " I believe so." I said pointing to my suitcases beside my bed.

        " Holy shit," He said chuckling silently. " Did you pack enough to clothe the world?" He asked.

        " Nope." I said popping the 'P'. " Just enough to clothe myself for a year and a half."

         He walked over to my bed and sat on it relaxing for a second. " Well, that's a shame." He finally said.

         " What?" I asked completely confused.

         " This bed is so damn comfortable and we never got to enjoy it." He said smirking at me. I picked up a pillow and whipped it at his face.

          " Oh, shut up Hemmings. " I whispered annoyed. " Just grab my suitcases and lets go."

          He sighed getting off of the bed and grabbing two of the three suitcases. I grabbed the last one and started to climb down the ladder outside my window, shutting it after I was out.

          We successfully made it to the hummer limo and put all my suitcases in. We got in and I sat beside Luke cuddling up to him. We pulled away from my home slowly, making sure not to cause any commotion and I waved out of the window. I know no one noticed but, it just felt relieving to say goodbye.

           We got to the airport and boarded the plane in silence. " So," I asked Luke looking up at him. " Where are we off to first."

          " Well my Lovely." He said charmingly. " We are going to London England."

         " Really?" I asked looking up at him like an excited 5 year old that just got told they were going to Disney land.

         " Really." He said genuinely smiling back down at me.

        I put my head on Luke's chest and listened to the slow rhythmic beat of his heart. I quickly drifted off to sleep and the next I knew I was being tapped awake by a middle aged blond women that I had never seen before.

       " Hi Honey." She said happily. "I'm Liz, Luke's Mom." She pointed down at Luke. " You must be Leah." She bent down and gave me a quick hug. I smiled. She was nice.

      " Nice to meet you Liz." I said smiling kindly at her.

     " Please call me Mom." She said. I nodded at her and she starred at me genuinely smiling for a good couple of minutes. " Oh yeah," She said remembering why she woke me up. " We're here."

      I smiled at her thanking her for waking me up. ' Yes,' I thought to myself. 'Finally time to go explore.'


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