Loving the Bad Boy ( Sequel to Playing the Bad Boy)

Sequel to Playing the Bad Boy. They say that love stories always end with a happy ending but what will happen for Luke, and Leah. Leah has already stolen his heart but, can she keep it. You'll have to read to find out.


2. Chapter 2

          I hadn't seen Luke since I beat the shit out of Ashton, and it was really starting to bother me now. my phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out.

          It was from Luke, it read: Meet me in the parking lot after school

          Me: Why?

          L: Don't ask questions, just do it.

          M: Ok

         I put my phone back into my pocket and listened to my Bio teacher go on, and on about the reproductive system. After about 20 minutes the bell finally rang and I went to my locker grabbing my books.

         I headed to the parking lot to see Luke and the rest of the guys standing around his Mustang. I walked up to them slowly, more nervously then anything, and ran my hand through my hair. " Hey." I said looking at the ground.

         " We need to talk to you." Calum spoke up.

         " Shit," I stated looking up at them. " If this is about me beating up Ashton, I was angry okay. I can't control myself when I'm angry."

         " Yeah," Ashton said lifting up his shirt, showing off his bruised abdomen. " I can kind of tell that."

         My eyes went wide. " Oh my god, I can't believe I actually hit you that hard." I said towards him. " I'm sorry." I said looking at the ground.

         " It's okay." He said laughing walking towards me and grabbing my arms. " I'm still alive, I'm not in the hospital, I'm fine."

          " Even though I feel bad for hurting you, I'm still mad at you so don't fucking touch me." I said ripping my arms away from him. He backed up slowly and returned to the spot that he was in before. " If you guys didn't want to talk to me about hurting Ashton, what did you want to talk to me about?" I questioned.

         " Well," Luke said scratching the back of his neck. " We had to skip the rest of the day at school because that record label Naomi told you about called and wanted us to come in right away."

         " And." I said excited.

         " They signed us on the spot and told us that we had to go to L.A starting on Monday to record an album. Also, we're going on tour with One Direction." He stated sadly looking at the ground.

         " That's great, what's wrong?" I asked walking closer to him.

         He looked me in the eyes now visibly crying. " I have to leave you for a year and a half." He said through the tears. I walked up to and wrapped my arms tightly around his lower back, pressing my head into his chest.

         " Come on Hemmings," I said trying to smile through the tears rolling down my face. " Don't go soft on me now."

        " I can't help it." He said chuckling through his quiet sobbing. " I'm in love with you, Welsh." I smiled at him.

        " I'm in love with you too." I kissed him softly and said. " Is that all you guys had to tell me?"

       " No." Michael said bitterly. " We have a proposition for you."

         I looked at him strangely, Michael is never this serious. " What is it?" I asked.

        " We'll," Calum started. " You see, we kind of need an errand girl to come on tour with us. She would pick out our outfits for on stage, get our coffees, buy us food, go get whatever we need, and all that stuff. We were going to ask you but, Luke really doesn't like the idea."

         " Are you serious?" I said to Calum.

         " Yep." He said popping the 'P'.

         " Luke, why wouldn't you want me to come with you?" I asked looking sad backing away from him slowly.

          " Because you're not a slave and you never will be." He said grabbing my arm and pulling me back towards him, wrapping his arms around me again.

         " Really, it's a job Luke. I would get paid, and it's not like I have to forcibly have sex with any of you." I said looking up at him giving him puppy dog eyes and pouting.

         " Fine, you can come." He said kissing my forehead causing me to smile. " But, what about your Mom." He asked raising his eyebrows at me.

        " Like I've said before Baby, just like a lot of other things, she doesn't have to know." I smirked at him, and he exhaled sharply.

        " Okay Babe, whatever you say." He said attaching his lips to mine and kissing me passionately in front of the other guys.

        " Gross." Michael said in fake disgust. 

        " Oh shut up Clifford." I said laughing at him shoving him a little bit. " It's nothing that you haven't done yourself." 

         His face went bright red and he shut up as Meghan and Chelsie walked up. " Drop it." He said warning me with his eyes.

        " Chill Clifford, we're all good here." I stated putting my hands in the air. ' Hello world.' I thought to myself. ' Here I come.' 

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