Loving the Bad Boy ( Sequel to Playing the Bad Boy)

Sequel to Playing the Bad Boy. They say that love stories always end with a happy ending but what will happen for Luke, and Leah. Leah has already stolen his heart but, can she keep it. You'll have to read to find out.


11. Chapter 11

                      " What was the angry taking all about?" Luke walked out kissing my head gently.

                      " Nothing." I smiled at him visibly trying to hide my secret. He raised an eyebrow at me knowing that I was lying and I spilled. " Fine, I may have tripped the British bitch down the stairs." My face turned red and he started to laugh.

                      He stuck out his hand preparing for a high five and I slapped it in surprise. If he knew what I was really like he wouldn't have condoned my actions. " Good job Babe, I knew you could do it."

                     "Do what?" Ashton asked grabbing an apple from the fridge and heading towards the door of the trailer.

                      " She tripped that British bitch Samantha down the stairs." Luke laughed loudly and Ashton's face stiffened before turning into a strong anger.

                     "You did what?" He asked rhetorically holding the bridge of his nose. " Are you fucking crazy? She's going to ruin us now or, at least you. What were you thinking?" He waited for a response impatiently.

                     " I don't know Ash." I said, kind've pissed off by his reaction even though I expected it. " I was thinking that I was angry, and the next thing I knew, she was on her knees holding her head at the bottom of the stairs." He looked at me as if that wasn't a legitimate excuse and I continued. " I have anger issues, you know that. Should I bring up the incident in the hall, or maybe me pretty much betting up Luke yesterday. Also, when I was 12 my brother made me really mad and I started to strangle him. I don't understand it Ash, I just can't control it."  

                      His mouth dropped open and he averted his eyes quickly from me. " I had no idea." He said honestly. He clearly didn't track my random out bursts of emotion really well. " We'll get you help." He said giving me a reassuring smile. " We still love you."

                       With that he walked off the bus and Luke looked at me sadly. " Why didn't you tell me this was going on?" He looked hurt, and his eyes glazed over with a thin blanket of tears. Finding out that your girlfriend is secretly a psychopath would make you pretty emotional I guess.

                        " I thought you wouldn't love me anymore if you knew." I stated point blank.

                       He rolled his eyes at me and gave a sarcastic laugh. " Never, that's impossible." He chastely kissed my lips before walking off the bus followed by Michael, and Calum. 

                        Of coarse, I wasn't allowed to go with them because it was bad for their image so, I sat quietly on the bus, and played flappy birds on my phone. Out of no where it began to ring and I jumped probably ten feet in the air. I checked the caller ID and it was my house phone back in Australia. I answered it quickly putting it up to my ear. " Hello." I stated quietly.

                         " Leah," I heard Lucy chirp happily into the phone. " I miss you so, so much. Why did you leave us?" Her voice was sad and distant, and from the prospective of a big sister, it broke my heart.

                         " I didn't leave because, of you guys." I stated tears rolling down my cheeks. " I left to be with Luke."

                         I could hear her quiet sobs in the background and she said. " Mommy wants to talk to you."

                         " Leah honey, I thought you were dead." Her obvious ugly crying pulsing through the phone.

                        " No Momma," I said back. " I'm fine, healthy, safe." I couldn't include happy at the moment because something inside of me was off and everything was ticking like a time bomb.

                        " Sweetheart," She said trying to calm herself down. " I know you love Luke but, it's time to come home." Even though I hated the idea of leaving Luke, I knew that my mom was right. I needed to go home, my sanity was slowly dwindling down and I was going down fast.

                       " I know," I stated without arguing. " I'll be home in two days." I said crying louder into the phone. " I just need to tell Luke and explain why. I can't leave him without a goodbye Mom. I can't do it."

                      She inhaled a sharp shaky breathe and breathed out sadly. " I know it's hard sweetheart but, you're gonna have too. I can hear it in your voice, you're not good at goodbyes, it will only make it worse."

                     I sobbed into the phone loudly. " Okay Mom. I'll see you in 8 hours." I hung up the phone, and packed all of my things back into my suitcase. I was stupid to believe that I could actually put up with this. I had been able to control it until the car accident, then something switched in me and I can't shut it off. 

                    I wrote Luke a quick note barely readable because of my shakiness:

Dear Luke,

   I love you so much but, I had to leave. It was just too much, and I couldn't physically, or emotionally take it anymore. I know that staying on tour with you guys would be not only a risk to my own health but, also everyone around me. I hope that you can understand, and I'm not leaving you because, I love you way too much for that. I just can't be here right now.

I will love you forever, and always,


         I then made my way to the street, hauled a taxi, and proceeded to get on the plane and go home. I knew that I might have made the biggest mistake of my life, leaving him there without closure but, I had too. As the plane took off down the runway back to Australia, I just looked out the window and cried. What have I done?


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