Loving the Bad Boy ( Sequel to Playing the Bad Boy)

Sequel to Playing the Bad Boy. They say that love stories always end with a happy ending but what will happen for Luke, and Leah. Leah has already stolen his heart but, can she keep it. You'll have to read to find out.


10. Chapter 10

            Luke and I didn't wake up until about 6:00 and I was really sore. The whole bottom of my body was throbbing in pain. I mean it's not every day that you lose your virginity. I had managed to stagger around the room and get dressed again but I just needed to sit on a fucking ice pack or something. I wobbled out into the kitchen area of the room to go get to the freezer and the guys were sitting at the table talking until they saw me. " How you feeling there Leah?" Michael asked snickering quietly. 

              " I've felt better." I said nonchalantly acting like nothing happened as I grabbed a bag of peas from the freezer. I wobbled over to the empty seat beside Cal and slowly eased myself down placing the peas on my crotch. 

             " Oh, poor Lee, it will be okay." Calum said teasingly hugging me from the side. I looked up at Luke and he was just smirking while trying not to laugh.

               " Don't you even. " I said pointing a finger at him.

               " What Babe?" He asked innocently smiling wider, showing off his dimples.

                " You caused this pain, thus you can't laugh at me." I pouted at him, and he broke down into a fit of laughter. " That's it." I said opening the bag of frozen peas and pelting him with a few. I accidentally hit Ash with one and he pulled out his ear phone.

                 " Would you stop acting like a fucking child Leah, like God." He said angrily.

                 " Wow Ash," I said kind've taken back by his angriness. " Who pissed on your taco?"

                 He just glared at me like I was dumb. I knew exactly why he was angry but, he would never admit it. " I just don't get what the big deal is. You lost your virginity, whoopee, welcome to the reality of every other 17 year old girl."

               " If you were listening, I actually wasn't making a big deal." I said purposely throwing a pea at him. He smiled for a quick second and then put the ear bud back in drowning the world out again.

             All of the suddenly the British bitch lady walked onto the bus. " Boys get ready, we have to go meet with One Direction at the first venue.." The boys all nodded and got up from the table. She sat down across from me. " You are not good for Luke." She stated like it wasn't a big deal that it came out of her mouth.

            " What are you trying to say?" I asked knowing exactly what she meant.

            She smiled at me as if what she said was a compliment. " I just mean, you make him too soft sweetheart. He needs someone that will make him have the punk image that he needs in the band, not some semi- pretty, boring white girl that can't even take a little prick without sitting on a bag of peas." She looked out the window of the bus then back at me. " Just think about it."

          " I'm sorry." I said taken back by her comments. " But, who the fuck do you think you are? I love Luke, Luke loves me and that's all that fucking matters. Just watch your step lady."

          She smirked at me, and I raised my shoulders at her. " There's hope for you yet." She said happily almost. " But, your image has to change."

           " Again, I'm sorry, but I'm not changing shit. So, get off of this fucking bus you posh, slutty, arrogant, revolting, sneaky, fake ass, bitch, before I make you myself." I whispered menacingly under my breathe who is she to tell me to change because I'm ' not good for Luke.' Fuck her.

          She got up slowly and wiped off her pencil skirt. " I've been infected with enough of your filth for the time being anyway." She strutted casually fast me and I whispered to her.

           " If I was you, I'd be more concerned about the filth that you're about to roll in." I then quickly stuck my foot out in front of her and she tripped over it falling down the stairs of the bus and out the door. She hit her head off the ground with a bang and I just laughed at her as she slowly stumbled to her feet. " How was that bitch? Am I good enough now." 

            " I'll get you back for this." She growled under her breathe while holding her head, and stomping her foot harshly off the ground, then stumbling away. Oh I'm sure she will.

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