Dear Father


1. ---

Dear Father,

I'm sorry I don't talk to you,
I'm sorry I don't reply

I'm sorry I think about you,
Yet I don't comply

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings,
Even deep down inside

I'm sorry I am the reason,
For your restless mind

I'm sorry I haven't realized,
That you are damaged too

I'm sorry I've done these things,
Unknowingly to you

I'm sorry this doesn't change the past,
I'm sorry but it's true

I'm sorry I haven't forgave you,
For the hurtful things you'd do

I'm sorry, for my tears,
Are mostly because of you

I'm sorry that my thoughts,
Have become dark yet clear

I'm sorry your baby girl,
Has grown so cold and not near 

I'm sorry I'm not smart,
Nor am I strong

I'm sorry you don't know me ,
Not even at all

I'm sorry that it hurts,
Because it hurts me too

I'm sorry I needed to say this,
I'm sorry it must be true

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