What Is Love?

Who Really Knows What Love Is? What Is Love? Do You Know?


1. What Is Love?

People ask me, 'What do you think love is?'. I stop and try to read the emotions written on their faces... 'What do I think love is?'. I always ask. 'I'll tell you what love is...' I stare in the distance and explain what my mother once told me... 'Love. Something that's important, someone you care for and want to look after. Love is family, friends and even pets, because all those thing have emotions and love you, even when you don't know it... It's when you get butterflies in your bellie knowing you get to see that specific person again, it's when your palms get all sweaty and your breathing gets quicker! That's how you know you love someone, someone close to you, even if they're far away. The world is love.You are love. You are loved.💜 😅👪

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