A story set around a fictional world similar to that of the dungeons and dragons universe, centered on a small group as they gather together to face an unimaginable evil that threatens the land.


1. Gathering

Opening his eyes all Theorn saw was a blinding light, piercing his eyes and boring into the back of his skull. But as he lay there, still in the morning light, he began to see more of the world around him. He saw the planked roof, the oak bed that he lay on and the hard mattress that felt like stone to the touch. He saw the dresser, with his tunic slightly sticking out, and his shining steel sword leaning against one wall in the corner. He saw the door, a thick oak construction, slightly quivering, as if it were being pushed. As he lay there his senses came to him, one by one, and he began smelling the rot and stink of this place, feeling the humidity of the air around him that reminded him that he was no longer in the deserts that were his home, and finally, he started hearing the bustle from downstairs, and a voice yelling, but muffled, yelling the same thing again and again and again, Theorn. 

Theorn sat up, quite quickly, as he recognised his own name being called from behind the door, and called out "Up, I'm up, you don't have to keep calling". He stood, naked in the cool morning air that blew in from the gaps in the almost airtight window, and began to dress. Slipping into his tunic, fastening the tight leather belt, and sliding his greatsword into it's scabbard had become somewhat of a ritual for him, no longer even needed to consciously think about it, which fortunately freed his mind up to think about other things...  


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