jade and max go into a world of complexing time....
see what will happen


2. School of Pain with jade

Oh you do not know how many times I woke up and felt the wind was blowing weirdly.

But today, It was really weird. The gentle heat of the sun touched the ground at sunrise, yet the air was chilly. I pulled a navy blue jacket out of my closet and quickly put it on. My mom was still asleep in the warm sheets of silk and my dad at Jerusalem fighting in a war with only a shard of life left. I had to go to a school in a dump of a city, and the school was just trash. The principal does not care for the school. The paint is peeling off of the wall, the wooden floors are cracked and dry. Still, it was the cheapest high school in my area, so I had to deal with it. I live about two blocks away from the school, so I always prepare myself and walk to the school. The second I walked into the gate of my school, I looked up. It was cloudy, like it was always. Around my house it was sunny, where the little light of the sun warmed the ground. Over in my school the sun never goes through, the air is wet, and the wind was cold and dry. The school had always been so gloomy, and never had one sliver of happiness. As I went through the door it smelled of cigar smoke. The lights were dim and one was broken. The hallway was narrow and some of the doors were off their hinges. I felt as if I entered an abandoned building. I sighed. if this world could just lighten up a bit. I entered my first class and sat down in my seat right up in front. Just before class was about to start, a boy pushes me onto the floor and takes my seat. I looked up and saw a red mohawk, nose piercings, black shirt, and cargo pants. Of course the one and only Brian has come to ruin my days even further. I walked over to the back of the class slowly and sat down in the seat. He turned his head and glared at me. I think he  hates me because his best score on a test was a D….. #GangsterLife. Anyways, my morning classes were boring and tiring as usual, and during recess I sat down on the sprucewood bench to eat my snack. I sit on this one bench all alone, only hearing the wind pass by. I can never tell, but the wind at this school always carries the happiness with it as it flies to the clouds. All the other kids always sit on the other benches, and I sit alone. All of my classes go like this. Every day. And I am sick and tired of it.


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