jade and max go into a world of complexing time....
see what will happen


4. confusion with Jade

Losers. Everyone was losers. I didn’t want to sit with losers. I walked away, and ignored everyone's remarks and laughing. I just went to the swing and sat down. Then I froze in time. I had no idea what was happening. All the swings changed, things went backwards, the school’s roof turned to a leaky, horrible built piece. Then everything stopped. I saw max, standing on top of the roof, fixing all the holes and repairing them. I saw myself walk by, I tried to get out of the swing, but I would not budge. Max looked at me walking by and blushed. I knew this day, it's when my mom died, because of HIM. I heard a boom, and my mom screaming. Max jumped off of the roof, and ran inside. I closed my eyes, and then I was sitting on a crate next to the fire, and I saw Max run in. My mom was trapped, and Max ran in to save her. He picked her up, and she fell unconscious. Then one of the gas tanks switched on. Quickly, Max put his hand on the leaver, trying to turn it off, but it would not budge. He put my mom down, and used both of his hands. but then, the tank blew, and my mom died. Then I walked in, and looked at Max, and my mom, dead and bleeding on the floor. I ran out of the building crying. I was sitting on the crate astonished. Then everything went forward, and I was sitting on the swing with a kid at my feet. “excuse me. if you're not going to swing, may I use it?” I quickly jumped off. I was shaking with fear. I was confused, I was sad as well. I looked over at Max, who was sitting at the table, staring into space. I walked over and shook his shoulder, but he didn’t react. So I  sat there and waited. I was just wondering if he was experiencing the same thing as me.

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