jade and max go into a world of complexing time....
see what will happen


3. A Little While Longer with Max

I have never walked up to Jade in my entire time I was at this school. I usually just watch from the school doorway, and I always tell myself I can do it next time. My friends always tease me about it, but I can do it. Next time. She IS pretty cute, with her long, straight brown hair and her fancy jean style and Snoopy t-shirts. I have never talked to her, she pretty much isolates herself. We all eat at this one seat laughing, talking, and doing dares. I just look a bit to the right, and I see her, eating a tuna sandwich away from everyone else. Its actually kind of sad. I dont actually know why but I think thats just the way she rolls. I have never went up to ask, I admit, I am a bit shy, so I just watch from the sidelines. Sometimes I kinda sorta maybe stalk her…. A little. I mean, all I want to know is why she is so…. remote. But I do not want to go up and ask because that would be just embarrassing to ask HER. Its just strange. It is like everyone is so grim. I feel like she has the aura around her that slowly closes inward until it gets so tight that she just disappears. Vanishes away from society. I dont want that to happen to her because even though she  is isolated she is kind and gentle. No one truly understands her. i bet even her closest friend doesn't understand what she is going through. I decided I would walk up to her and ask her to sit with us. “H-hey” I said. “wanna go sit with us at this table?” she looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes. But then she pushed her cap down and said, “No thanks. I don’t sit with losers.” That destroyed me. Losers? WE were losers? I wanted to ask more, but she walked away and threw her sandwich in the trash. I was steaming mad. But then I froze in time. I ignored my friends calling me to the table. I sat down on the table where Jade was sitting, and I saw things that changed my life forever.


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