The Diary of Hannah

This is real. So read if you want.


1. June-14-2015 1:20AM

Hello my name is Hannah.

And this is my Diary.

Welcome to the place where I do a daily and sometimes just weekly update of things that have happened to me so far. I will first tell you more about myself. yes Hannah is my real name. I have medium length hair, I have a broken ankle. I like the color blue, I am 14. I am going to enter High school soon as a freshman. well hopefully


I am a terrible student.

An all around idiot.

Well according to other people's standards anyways.

I am an aspiring artist, I used pt draw happy scenes like couples, now thanks to many things that have happened in Middle school. I draw sad scenes and crying people now, like a child crying in the middle of nowhere.


I am living with severe depression, my doctor thought it would be better if I kept a Diary but she wanted to see it and so did everyone else so here I am.

In my own words I believe the world is burning to the ground. if I'm right well.... fuck... if I'm not.... just hope that I'm not.

today was another day of hell. I have been cooped up in the house for a few weeks you would think I would be happy to get out right? hell no.

my fucking ankle is broken! I din't wan to go anywhere! well it's partially broken now. but not the point.

They (my parents) said I HAD to go my great grandmothers birthday party. I did want to go but my leg is in a damn boot. just because its in a boot doesn't fucking mean that I can out it down in a damn moving car.

needless to say the drive to the house was hell. so was the "party" and the drive back home.


my entire life is pretty much hell in a bottle. my brother is a complete and utter asshole. so is his friend.

my brothers name is Isaac his friends name is Taylor. They are 10. at the damn age of ten they have girlfriends. They also fucking assholes to them as well.


I mean C'mon. They are fucking 10 years old.


I am Bisexual and I have a crush on one of my closet friends. She is basically straight but curious. She's a ginger, she also have sparkling green eyes. I think she is beautiful. I know that she won't ever ever think about dating me once so I saved myself the heartbreak and didn't ask.


I did have a boyfriend in 7th grade to this past january. we didn't even really talk to I cut off that whatever it was. his name was Micheal. I still like him. He doesn't like me like at all. So theres my love life in a nutshell

                             yours truly,

                                   Hannah D.                                     

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