My thoughts. 💭💬

my thoughts on different topics.


3. Popularity😒

Okay I think popularity is stupid and pointless. Like really what is the point of that? You just want be cool?? Well let me tell you something if you're popular that means you are careless and if you're a guy you're an asshole if your girl you're a slut. And let me set one thing straight you aren't nice. you are far from nice. All you want is attention you don't want to make people feel better all you want is for people to know you and make you feel special but you do it in such a cruel way. Some people are your friends because they want to be popular too but they are using you and you don't even know it. That's pretty sad the fact that you get a boyfriend by wearing miniskirts and no underwear is pathetic. Stop selling yourself you're not a prostitute you're a girl and guys stop being a man whore because let's be real you just want sex and the girls that give it to u want you're attention but you're just gonna drop them. So don't try to be popular.

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