My thoughts. 💭💬

my thoughts on different topics.


4. I don't know but I want to write

Wow long time no talk.... I know I know that's not the phrase but still it's not like we've ever seen each other. Or maybe we have. Maybe we've walked past each other, maybe we're closer than you think? But I doubt it. So I'm just gonna write what's on my mind I'm not that dull of a person.. right ?? I have exactly 2 hours until my destination and I'm bored as hell, all I can think about are two people who got me going insane. One is this guy let's call him Superman. He's.... he's definitely something special or should I say unique... because the friendship we have is just that, unique. Anyways.. that's besides the point right ? Wrong. He's so fucking confusing. So let me elaborate, we met 6 years ago and we've had a sort of love/ hate friendship or relationship whatever you want to call it. Ok well when he gets "mad " at me he doesn't speak to me he avoids me it's kinda weird cause it happens outta no where but when I confront him about he's like I'm not mad at you! Like bitch tf🙄 but anyways he's happy with me atm and he's kinda cute but annoying and I lowkey love it. He sits right behind me in physics or science and he plays with my hair and makes me play with his and he tickles me and always tries to annoy me and he goes through my phone.. omg if he found this I'd so be done. Enough about superman and let's talk about the other guy who's driving me insane. Let's call him... Blaise. I mean that is his middle name but shh don't tell anybody not like y'all would anyway right? Well I have a major fucking crush on him and idk what to do about it. I get over him and then he pops back up and ruins it. But I don't have much to say about him that's another story for another time. I just want to get off this plane but then when I get off this one I get onto another one

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