You saved me.

"But why would you want me, I am a worthless girl who cuts, whose ugly, who has bad teeth, and doesn't even have proper clothes!" I cried. "I can fix all of that, but your eyes and personality tells me your better than what you say." He explained. "Really?" I asked, my smile widening a tiny bit. "Really."


1. Chapter 1- Stupid Girl

I am nothing to nobody, i'm not a somebody, i'm just an it or a thing, I thought to myself. I'm just a reject, god may have put me down on earth, but he put me here to suffer. I am just a nobody, my parents don't care, they come home every night drunk. I have no friends, because I smell and I have no proper clothes. I try to make friends, but they laugh and runaway. This is my life,the life of Brianna Marino.

I started to get the clothes that I wore everyday to school. The same old stupid uniform, this is the only clothes I have.I wash them, then wear it again, and the process repeats. My parents don't care about me, they don't care if I have no clothes, they said I was a mistake! A stupid worthless girl, who can't do shit for herself. Then, I actually listened. I realized that I am a stupid girl, I mean what kind of 17 year old girl doesn't have a job,or a boyfriend, or even their own car! Its just stupid. Anyway its time to go to school, to face the music I always hate. 

On the ride to school it was torture, everyone way saying like, "Oh look how fat she is!" or "Bitch you should start cutting, because your worthless af.". I just wanted to start crying then and there, but nope I didn't. From 6 years of torture, you learn to get used to it, I guess. I wish somebody would care, I wish the school would care, I just wish my parents cared, but yet again, life is a piece of shit. God knows how much pain I feel down here and it fucking sucks! Why won't he send me back up there, I don't fucking know anymore! He hates me, out of all the people on earth who do such crimes, he chooses me and fucking hates me!! Well this is my life, my fucking shitty life as Brianna Marino. One day I wish to say to someone that they saved me but yet again, nobodys going to save me.

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