Vengeance's Daughter

Vengeance has a new face and she's one hell of a person....


2. Two

I let my bike idle as I waited for the light to change on the final leg of my trip, so far so good. I sighed just as the light turned green. The cool air nipped at my exposed neck, somewhat soothing my soul. 

I sigh after reaching the dark alley I usually use for cover. I wrap a chain around my torso, letting it rest on my left shoulder. Then I slip a twelve gauge shotgun into a holder on my back. 

"You do what ya, gotta do, Blaze," I tell myself as I cover my bike in a tarp. 

"So ya say, Harley," my contact, Jayme, says, stepping from the shadows. 

"Damn, dude," I hiss, backing up. 

Jayme smirks, hope in his eyes. I nod, feeling hope as well. 

"So it's confirmed," I ask.

"Blackheart's been seen, yes," he replies. 

"I hoped it wouldn't come to this," I mutter. 

Jayme nodded, his spiked black hair sticking to his forehead from sweat. Near soulless green eyes stared back at me, mimicking my expression. 

"Baby, you don't have to do this," Jayme mutters, stroking the left side of my face.

"I sold my soul," I mutter, closing my eyes. 

He nodded, then he let his right hand drop to his side. Jayme backs up when he saw the change in my expression. I uncover my bike, letting my other side come out. My flesh melts away from my hands and face. Jayme closes his eyes so he doesn't catch my repenting stare.

I place my skeleton hands in the gas tank of the bike, willing it to change to its Rider form. I take one look at Jayme and then I say, "Innocent.".

Jayme nods, confirming what I just said. I hop back on the bike, sensing an evil in the near area. Just as I kickstart my bike I hear someone shout, "Help!".

I barley look to Jayme, barley nodding to him as I rev the engine and head out towards the screams. Glass shrieks than shatters, the road underneath me cracks as the flames on my tires create a rut in it and the surrounding street lights explode when I pass them.

The shouts get louder after I park my bike, then when I scale dumpsters to get up to the fire escape. What I see next makes the demon inside me go crazy. A young lady has been pinned against one of the walls in the dead end alley, by a guy while another guy shakes her book bag and purse contents out on the ground.

"Please," I hear the young girl plead,"please let me go.".

"Tough shit," the guy pinning her barks, momentarily taking his right hand away from her to produce a small pocket knife.

"She doesn't have it" the second guy says, slinging the young woman's belongings to the ground.

"Where is it," the first guy screams at the young woman.

"I don't know what you're talking about," the young woman cries.

"Why I oughta," the first guy begins saying, but I jump down scaring the hell outta him.

"Who the hell are you," the second guy says.

"You shall not know," I growl, unraveling the chain around my torso.

Both guys look at me, both scared.

"Get your stuff and leave," I growl at the girl. She nods, quickly picking up everything that these two boneheads dumped out of her bags.

"You gonna be hurting," the first guy sneers.

"Doubt it," I snarl, letting the chain ignite.

 Both guys widen, fear etching on their faces. I just grin. The first guy that had the young woman pinned hits me in the jaw, temporarily dislocating it. I take a deep breath and then I pop my jaw easily back into place.

"I'm outta here," the second guy says.

I snarl, then I wrap him in the chain.

"Look into my eyes," I begin making him look at me, "Your soul has the blood of an innocent on it, so you shall now feel their pain.". Once I utter those words the guy in the chain collapses and part of my work here is done.

The other guy stares at his buddy on the ground. He squeaks, then he tries to run, but I catch him in the chain too. I utter those words again and he goes down as well.

"Such a pity," I mutter.

"Are they gone," I hear a shaky voice ask.

The young lady that these two were harassing peaked around the corner.

"Yes," I say tell her bluntly.

"My daddy knows who you are," the girl says.

"Oh, and how would he know me," I ask amused.

"He knows you're the Ghost Rider," she says as I walk past her.

"Oh really," I remark, ready to be on my way to my next task.

The girl nods, saying it's true. If her father knows me, then that's that, but I sure as hell don't know him.

"How does he know I'm the Ghost Rider," I ask, anxious to be on my way.

"You saved him a while back," she replies.

I shake my head, telling her that I don't remember.

"Please tell me you know at least my cousin," she pleads with me.

I shake my head no.

"His name is Jayme," she says, stepping in front of my bike.

I growl at her, telling her to move and that'd I'd pass on the message to her cousin. She nods then she dashes away from me. Once I was done with this bounty, Jayme was going to have to explain a helluva lot to me.

I rode all night, sometimes scouting and the others stopping crime, but when the sun came up after my last bounty I felt as if I'd been hit by an eighteen wheeler. I got back on the road, after setting out for a couple of hours.

The streets were swarmed with police and firefighters, when I got on the main road. I smirked as I rode by all the hell and carnage I caused.

You're just like Dad, Harley, you're just like Dad, I thought to myself as I met back up with Jayme. He took one look at me and said nothing, knowing I was wiped from what I had just done.

Jayme and I are two peas in a pod and a hellish force to be reckoned with.

From here on out, Criminals are going to regret hearing the name Ghost Rider, because I'm vengeance's daughter and I'm coming for you.

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