Vengeance's Daughter

Vengeance has a new face and she's one hell of a person....


3. Three

Once I got my bike back into the garage, I covered it back up. Jayme came in a few moments later, then he shut the garage door. I leaned against one of the various work benches that I'd set up in the garage, in hopes of creating new bike. 

"You need sleep, Harley," Jayme whispers in my right ear. 

"And you need to explain something to me," I mutter, pushing him away. 

"Harley Bear, what's wrong," he suddenly asks. 

"I saved your cousin," I hiss, inspecting my bike for scratches. 

"No way, Juliana wouldn't walk that way from her house," Jayme yells. 

"Well apparently she did and because of it she was mugged," I hiss back.

"Damn," he breathes, not yelling at me anymore. 

"She's okay though," I say,  grinning at him. 

"How," he begins asking, then he shuts up once he sees my expression. 

"You saved her," he sighs. 

I nod, smiling again at him. Jayme's eyes light up when he looks at me, like the first time we met. 

"Hey, wanna head upstairs," I ask Jayme, knowing Mom won't be home for a while. 

"Sure, Harley Bear," he says.

With that we head up the stairs and to my room. Jayme grins like a freaking coyote when we pass by some of Dad's old gear.

"Damn, Harley, you got your talent from him," Jayme jokes.

I give him my 'duh' face, which makes him laugh even more. I just shake my head, laughing a little bit. Once we reach my room, Jayme pushes the door open and then he falls on my queen sized bed.

"Dude, no," I say, half laughing.

Jayme whines and gives me his 'puppy' look. I shake my head again and then I head over to my CD player. I turn it on and suddenly the station it's tuned to begins playing 'Crushin' It' by Brad Paisley.

Soon Jayme is on his iPhone, talking to someone. He smiles at me then he says something else into his phone. Jayme smiles then he tells whoever he was talking to 'thanks'. I cock my head to my right staring at him.

"Might want to turn it up a bit.".


"You'll hear.".

"I don't unders-," I begin saying until I hear the beginning chords to my favorite Johnny Cash song, '(Ghost) Riders in the sky'.

"You didn't," I sigh.

Jayme nods.

I grin again, listening to the song and humming as well.

Jayme begins singing it, taking me by my left hand. I just smile as Jayme twirls me around my room. As the song begins to end, Jayme and I collapse on my bed, exhausted.

"I love you, Harley," Jayme whispers to me.

"I love you too, Jayme," I mutter, slightly dozing off. Jayme kisses my forehead then he gets up, waking me in the process.

"What," I ask sleepily.

"Just turning off the music," he says, turning the radio off.

I nod, then I doze off again. I feel my bed shift again as Jayme gets back in it with me. Jayme curls up around me, resting his chin on my left shoulder.

Once I hear Jayme's light snoring, I fall into a deepish sleep. I'm fine for a few minutes, but then a nightmare rears its ugly head.

~Jayme's POV~

I fell asleep, but I got woke up by Harley thrashing around. She screams in her sleep, scaring me even more.

"Harley Bear," I say, trying to gently shake her awake.

She screams again, but this time it's my name.

"Come on, Baby," I coax.

She screams a third time and then she starts crying. I can't stand seeing her like this.

"C'mon, Harley.".

She wakes up, then she flings her arms around my neck, muttering,"Don't die on me please.".

"Baby, I'm not going to die on you," I say, trying to soothe her.

"You did in my dream," she says.

"I'm going to make sure that we never get split up.".

Harley nods then she curls back up into a ball. I pull her close, my mind set. Harley needed me and I need her, together we can beat whatever comes into our path.

You screw with Harley, you screw with me, I think to myself as I fall back asleep.

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