Vengeance's Daughter

Vengeance has a new face and she's one hell of a person....


1. One

I leaned my head against the wall opposite of the shower, letting the water run down my back. I had just made the stupidest mistake ever. I had made a deal with the devil. 

"You fucked up big time, Blaze, you fucked up real big," I told myself, after stepping out of the shower. 

My father was Johnny Blaze, big stunt rider and my mother was Roxanne, a weather person. Once Dad died, Mom went crazy. I mean I had to do something. 

"Sweetie, are you okay," Mom calls from the other side of the door. 

"Yeah, I'm good. I'm probably going to take my bike out for a ride," I call back to her.

"Okay, Sweetie," she calls before she leaves for work. 

If she only knew, if she knew what I did. When Dad died, I got all of his bikes, so when I found the cool bike with blue paint and flame design I made that my regular bike. What I didn't know was that the bike came at a price.

The price of the bike was my soul. My soul for a damn bike, but it was my dad's damn bike, I thought to myself. I pull on my clothes, then I stare into the mirror on the opposite wall. Staring back at me was a girl who had been through hell and back. My short, spiked sunset blonde hair was a little more messy then normal. My emerald green eyes, stared back at me like a reptile would. 

"You did this because you had to," I said to myself before pulling on my biker boots and my biker jacket. 

I then head down the stairs to the garage, ready for a run.  I let out a deep breath as soon as I was sure Mom had left for work. I rolled the bike out of the garage, making sure Mom was truly at work. 

As I kickstarted the bike, its roar brought me out of any thoughts I had. I focused on what had to be done tonight, what I was born to do.  Once I was out on the road, heading to the place I needed to be, I revved the engine. 

One thought passed through my mind as I rode into the night. 

Vengeance has a new face and her name is Harley Blaze.

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