Vengeance's Daughter

Vengeance has a new face and she's one hell of a person....


4. Four

~Jayme's POV still~

Harley and I were still asleep when her mother came home from work. I could hear Roxanne walking up the steps towards Harley's room. 

I hear the door crack and Roxanne whisper, "Sweetie, everything okay.". 

"Yeah, Mom," Harley mumbles. 

"Jayme, are you okay as well," Roxanne asks me.

"Yes ma'am, sorry for being here without your permission," I say, trying not to wake Harley. 

"You're always welcome here, Jayme," Roxanne says, before closing the door. 

I hear Harley mutter in her sleep, but she then says to ignore it. I just grin when I hear her say something about her dad, but everything gets serious when she says the word Vengaza. She keeps muttering that word in her sleep. 

"Harley Bear," I say, trying to wake her up again. 

"Can't let them take Vengaza again," she mutters, rolling over on her right side. 

What's important about Vengaza, I think to myself. 

~Back to Harley's POV~

I kept seeing the words Vengaza and Carter in my dream. Jayme rolled over on his back, releasing me from his grip. I sit up, stretching.

"Jayme, I'll be back in a second," I tell him remembering that I had some things to do.

"No," he says, pulling me back down to the bed.

"Jayme," I whine, then laugh.

"Come on," he whines, laughing as well.

I can never say no to him when he gets really cute like this. I crawl back into bed and curl back up against Jayme. He smirks at me and I smirk back.

I easily fall back to sleep, listening to Jayme's even breathing. I know I should probably go out on a run. Jayme runs the fingers of his right hand through my hair.

"You're so beautiful, Harley Joan," Jayme says, after kissing my forehead.

"Dude," I mutter, still asleep.

Jayme just smiles again. Jayme must have fallen asleep again, because I don't hear him make a smart ass remark. I sit up, pulling my knees to my chest, watching Jayme. He's went through hell just to help me before I became a Rider.

As I set up for a few more minutes, I kept thinking about us and I kept thinking about that vision/dream I just had.

What does Vengaza have to do with me? Why are people still after it? How will this impact Jayme? Why me, why did I do this? What could happen to Mom?

I laid back down next to Jayme, not going to sleep, but not staying awake either.

What has my world come to?

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