Vengeance's Daughter

Vengeance has a new face and she's one hell of a person....


5. Five

 ~Harley's POV~ 

Jayme was still asleep when I finally got up, but I stop. I turn and face Jayme's sleeping form. His face is etched with a mixture of happiness and pain. He mutters something in his sleep, then he yelps. 

"Jayme Canaan Hart, wake up," I scream. Jayme bolts up, a wild look in his eyes. He takes in look at me then he smirks. 

"What," he asks. 

"You yelped in your sleep," I reply, wishing I hadn't woke him up.

"Harley, don't," Jayme says, as if he read my mind. 

"I couldn't let you do that. It scared me, Jayme," I mutter, shivering. 

"Baby, everyone has nightmares. Mostly they have nightmares about a traumatic event or other things," he explains, wrapping me up in a blanket. 

"Okay," I say, feeling tired again. 

"C'mon, Harley Bear, just sleep for a little bit then go out for a run," Jayme says. 

I barely nod, my eyelids feeling heavier, the sleepiness overtaking me. I feel Jayme wrap his arms around me again, settling himself again. Mom comes back up to check on us again after twenty five minutes. 

~Roxanne's POV~

Harley and Jayme were curled up together again, trying to sleep. My poor baby girl was trying to be just like her dad. Sure, I missed Johnny a lot, but not as much as Harley. I hear her cry herself to sleep when Jayme's not here and there's nothing I can do with her nightmares. 

~Ring, Ring~

I answer the phone after the second ring, Jayme's uncle on the other end. 

"Hello, Markus.". 

"Harley's getting suspicious," he says. 

"I know, she's just like Johnny in more ways than one.". 

"Is she still having the dreams about Vengaza," he asks. 

"She is. Jayme's vowed never to leave her side.".

"Does she realize she gets him killed at the old church," Markus asks.


"Those two are in way over their heads, it's only a matter of time before Harley finds out Jayme's secret," Markus says.

"Harley loves Jayme, Markus, they'll never part ways. That includes if she finds out his secret.".

"She'll be ticked if she finds out that my nephew is like her I'm more ways than one," he barks.

"So what if she is? I still fell in love with Johnny after I found out his secret.".

"Whatever, Roxy, just keep tabs on them," Markus says before he hangs up.

After I put the phone back on the cradle, I stare at Johnny's old stunt gear.

"Johnny, where did I go wrong with Harley," I ask the gear as if it would answer me.

~Jayme's POV~

Harley was still curled up against me when I woke up for the final time during the night. Harley's been there for me too many times I can count.

Harley shivers again underneath the cover I put over her. She pushes herself too much when she goes out on the bounty hunts. My baby is risking her life to keep her mom and me safe.

Harley stirs in her sleep, but settles down after a minute or two.

I re-curl around Harley, not wanting her to leave just yet.

If Harley finds out my secret, that I'm like her in many ways she'll kick my ass from here to Texas and back, I think as I watch Harley's sleeping face.

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