Life As You Came

Raven never thought her life would turn upside down when she finds her best friend after 5 years of no connection, but she always thought they'd be together forever and always . [Calum Hood]


5. Snapchat



"Oliver I don't know if I wanna believe you."

"Raven in the past three years have I ever cheated on you?" He asked ,but apparently he forgot about last year.


"Exact- wait what? When!?" He asked raising his voice a bit

"Last year at Jessica's party"

"I was drunk" raising his vice higher


"Babe look I'm sorry for everything. I didn't kiss her, she did. Please I'm telling you the truth ...Babe?" He said calmly

I stayed quiet the whole time. He sound so sweet and got my heart racing for him. I thought for a second.

"I'm sorry Ollie. I'm sorry for not believing you."

"Thank you Ray" He said happily. I couldn't help but smile to myself

"I gotta go Ray but I'll see you Monday. Bye"

"Bye Ollie". I said and hung up then gave gave the phone back to Wynter

"Well?" Wynter asked wanting to know what all happened.

"Well what?" I asked back

"Are you guys still together??" She asked quite loud. Loud enough for the Aussie boy to hear when he was walking out of the store.

"Shh" I said pulling her back then looking over her shoulder at him.

He herd because he looked up from his phone. I wonder what he's thinking now?

"What are you shhing for?" Wynter asked before looking behind her

"Ohhh I see, Cutie over there...Buuut aren't you still with Oliver?"

"Yeah but- nevermind lets just go find Patricia."

After we found her we decide to shop a little longer.

It was 2:46 pm and class gets out at 3:45.

All of us were getting tired so we left and I dropped off Wynter at her house.

I took my time because I wasn't in a rush or anything plus I lived on the other side of town.

Driving past all the buildings and just thinking about what all happened today from Jasmine to the mall. It took me about 45 minutes to get to a store near my house.

I was five minutes away from my house when I herd a sound.

It was a notification from Snapchat.

I pulled into my drive way and checked who it was from. It was from an old friend named Halyn. (Her name is kind of pronounced Hay-Lynn just FYI).

We only spoke like almost once a month.

I unlocked my IPhone and tapped on Snapchat.

After holding her username down on the screen, just a black background popped up and all it said was "Guess who I found?'

"What?... Who?" I said softly to myself still sitting in my car.

'Who?' I asked quite confused

'I ran into him today'

'He asked how U R doing' she said sending one after another


She didn't respond but I got another notification that someone added me.

I looked at the username...'Jigglypuff'

"What the hell?! What kind of name is that" I said to myself. Oh well there are some pretty weird & funny kind of people out there. I thought to myself.

I started to get out of the driver seat and I locked my car before opening the front door to the house.

I added the person back right when I stepped into my house.

"Hey wheres the mail?" Jasmine asked

"Mehh...I forgot...Take my car." I said looking up from my phone

"Wah okay." She said taking the keys off the counter and walking out

I locked my phone and shoved it into my back pocket and went upstairs to my room to change my clothes. I changed into a grey Nirvana with black volleyball shorts and pinned my bangs back (FYI Raven has a pixie cut with aqua blue hair).

I grabbed my phone and jogged down the stairs. I sat on the couch in the living room and turned on the TV. There was nothing good on so I scrolled through Netflix.

I opened my phone back up after choosing a movie. It was Monster Inc. I scrolled through Instagram, Facebook, Myspace(JUSTKIDDING lol) then I opened up Snapchat.

I looked at the stories and "Jigglypuff" had a picture with 12 other people.

I looked at his first....'I really likes this flannel' was all it said with half of his face cut off.

"HOLY SH!T!!"...It was the freaking Aussie boy.

I remember!...He was my best friend! Calum...

"Crap why did I do that?! now he's gonna know." I said as I screenshot it

After about 2-3 minutes of freaking out a bit. My screen read 'Pic from Jigglyfuff'

I swiped twice to his name on the other side of the camera. I held his name down and waited a second.

'Hey Ravie-Mavie remember me?(with a small smiley face)'. He said sticking out his tongue and looking cross eyed.

Him calling me Ravie-Mavie sent SO many memories to my head. I really miss those moments with him. We always had each others backs. He was there for me when nobody was. We helped each other get through so many problems. I always had feelings for him but i never told anyone.

"Your still a cutie." I said to myself quietly and grinning so big. After I said that Jasmine walked with a box and envelopes. My grin faded a bit.

'Nobody calls me that but you Cal-Pal' I said blowing up my checks and winking.


Alright I got a chance to write=) I hope you guys liked it:) Plz comment down below on how I'm doing and if I need to improve something & I'll try my best for you guys. DEUCES ~CW~

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