Life As You Came

Raven never thought her life would turn upside down when she finds her best friend after 5 years of no connection, but she always thought they'd be together forever and always . [Calum Hood]


3. Shattered

I walked in and saw Oliver up against a locker with a girl. Her hands were on his chest pushing him into the locker behind him and her lips all over his.

When I got a bit closer I saw it was Lexi the captain of the volleyball team. I hated her. We used to be best friends but something happened to her. She went from being the sweetest girl ever to a slutty backstabber.

She always tried to ruin my life and exceeded. When we were freshmens a new girl came to our school her name was Ty. We became good friends ,basically sisters. In second semester Lexi ended up telling her the biggest lie. She said that I never even like Ty and nobody did and that she was a fat piece nothing that doesn't belong anywhere and she was a mistake in life. I told Ty not to listen and that she was worth more anything and she was like a sister to me but she got so caught up in believing it that she over dosed a month before school was going end. I felt so lost with out Ty. I was so depressed that I started cutting.

Lexi seemed so cold hearted about basically killing my best friend. I never knew what I did to Lexi for her to do all this crap to me.

(Back to reality)

I didn't realize I had tears rolling down my face until I felt a breeze hit my cheeks. I wiped them away and turned around but ran into Patricia and Wynter. I put my head in my hands right when a sound escaped my lips. I didn't care. My heart was Shattered.

Patricia and Wynter put their arms around my shoulders and walked out of the building filled with eyes watching the scene.

I wiped my tears again and saw Star and Shanna walking fast with anger in their eyes. I turned my head and saw that they were walking towards Oliver and Lexi.

Star and Shanna were small but don't be mistaken by their sweetness and innocent smiles because they are feisty. Once you're on their bad side it's hard to got back on their good. I was so thankful for them and my other friends.

"Raven! No wait!" I herd Oliver shout but ignored him and walked faster with Patricia and Wynter.

We were walking to my car in the parking lot in silence but Patricia broken it.

"Lets skip today and go to my house and the mall" she said

"Yeah I'm down" Wynter said

"Sure" I said

I got my keys out and opened my door. I looked up at the school and saw Oliver running towards me but I hurried up and got in. Wynter turned on the bluetooth. While she was doing that I was already on the street.

"AHHH yea!" Wynter said out of no where but realized what she was playing. It was Last Resort by Papa Roach

She reached over to the volume and turned it up. I felt like my ears were going fall off but I still started to headbang like I was at a Slipknot concert.

We started to sing along. By the time we got to Patricia's house I already for got why I was here and not at school but then remembered. I guess Wynter saw face go from 'Lets party' to 'damn my hearts so broken'.

"hey you okay?" Wynter asked

"yeah I fine. It's just I remembered why we skipped school today."

"Well me and Patricia are gonna have you forget it" She said with confidence

"okay thanks"

With that we got out of the car and walked up to Patricia's house. She drove her own car and was already there.


Sorry I didn't update Monday I was really busy and had a crazy night last night. Hope you guys like this chapter. Stay tuned cuz some real sh** is gonna go down :) Oh and if there's misspelled words or some words are switched around its because I have some dyslexic problems


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