Life As You Came

Raven never thought her life would turn upside down when she finds her best friend after 5 years of no connection, but she always thought they'd be together forever and always . [Calum Hood]


2. Mornings Like This

Mornings Like This

Ravens POV*


I woke up to the sound of  'Animals' by Martin Garrix playing on my phone it was 6:00. I dragged my self out of bed getting my towel to take a shower. I turned on the hot water then blending it with the cold. Before I got in I made sure my music was playing on my phone. The first song that came on was 'The Down Fall of Us All' by A Day To Remember. I stated to sing along ' dadada dadada da da da da da da dadada dadada da da LETS GO!'. I got in and let the lukewarm water run down my short brunette hair.

After I got out I checked to see if my mom was still home, but I didn't find her anywhere. I was glad she wasn't here. It's like I'm a bit free, and I can be myself when shes at work. She got a new job and it consists of traveling A LOT which I'm so happy about. So she'll probably be gone for a week or something. When it's just me and my sister we like to do what ever the hell we want. Shes about 20.

I finally decided what I was going to wear today which was black skinny jeans, a black Green Day shirt, with my boyfriends black Vans jacket, black and white Vans, and to finish it off a grey Vans beanie. As you can see I'm mainly black. Oh wait did I not mention my boyfriend whoops my bad. Well I have a boyfriend and his name is Ollie Peyton. He's quite cute, same age as me but a few months older. He's the quarterback of our schools football team. I know typical but I really like him and I hope this goes somewhere.

By the time I was done getting ready 'Misery Business' was play so I started getting really into the song. By the second chorus I was headbanging like I was Hayley Williams. When the song was over it was 8:14. So I got my bag and walked outside towards my car which was a Chevelle ss 96. Right when I opened my door my sister came out with a key.

"Go to the post office and check it. My laptop should be in." she said. Her name was Jasmine but, I call her Jam

"WHY cant you freaking do it??"

"Because I'll be at David's"...David is her "boyfriend"

"Then tell him to freak'n drive you!"

"Just do it. If you do I'll let you go to Ollie's game tonight." she said as she shook the zipper of his jacket. Why does she think I need permission.

"Whatever I was gonna go anyways. Bye" I said as I took the key because I forgot I ordered some stuff too. I got into my car and drove out of the driveway

I lived twelve blocks away from my school so I took my time not caring if I would be late or not. I turned up the music playing from my phone connected by Bluetooth. I liked the bass my car had. I was two blocks away and 'This Is Why' by Hey Violet started playing.

I pulled up to my school and saw that I wasn't late because my friends where still outside with their boyfriends. Not all of have boyfriends though just half of us. I parked my car and started walking up. Four of my friends ran up to me like they haven't seen in ages. I gave them hugs then they locked arms with me and walked up like we owned the school.

"Sup Raven!" Alana, Jordan, and Adrianna said at the same time. They all had long brunette hair, one with colored contacts and one with glasses

"Where were you?" Ambria asked. She's very loyal. She has long black hair and quite pale for a native.

"Jasmine" I said with a annoyed tone in my voice.

"Ohhhh" she said with a 'oh got it' kind of voice

"Yea. Wheres Ollie?" I asked looking at Patricia and Kevin her boyfriend which was Ollie's best friend

"I don't know. Inside?" Kevin said

" Okay" I said with a smile

I walked in not believing what I'm seeing. I blink a couple times but realized it was real.

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