Life As You Came

Raven never thought her life would turn upside down when she finds her best friend after 5 years of no connection, but she always thought they'd be together forever and always . [Calum Hood]


4. Cupcakes & Shopping

Star's POV

Me, Shanna, and Alana walked into the school laughing behind Patricia and Wynter. They stopped when Raven ran into them. We stopped laughing when we looked at her and saw tears rolling down her face. I looked at Oliver who was still kissing Lexi but pushed her off when he herd Raven crying. I felt someone nudge my arm and it was Shanna. I already knew she wanted to beat the hell out of him ,so did I. I mean he was making out with the school slut and was my best friends "boyfriend". At the same time we went straight for him. I clinched my fist but Shanna grab it before I could throw a punch.

"What The HELL are you going?!?!"I screamed at Oliver. He was looking over me and Shanna and at Raven but didn't answer me. He took a step wanting to run to Raven but we didn't let him.

"Answer me!" I said as I pushed him back

'What the hells wrong with you. Your dating Raven or at least were dating her??" Shanna said

"It's was her! she pinned me to the locker and kissed me! I didn't even want to kiss this slut!" Oliver shouted as he pointed at Lexi then wiped his mouth.

Me and Shanna didn't know what to say so he just passed through us and went after Raven.

Oliver's POV

I ran outside to see if I could go stop Raven and explain everything to her. 

I saw her about to get into her car. I ran yelling her name and telling her to wait. She saw me and jumped in her car and slam the door. She drove out of the parking lot faster then I've ever seen.

"Motherf***er!" I yelled and kicked up the sand.

I knew she was with Patricia so I decided to text her because Raven was never gonna text me back.

OP:Hey I need to talk to Ray

PC: Do you really think I'm gonna let you talker to her after you did all that sh**??

OP:I never wanted Lexi- you know what forget it!

I'll just talk to her myself tomorrow.

But I have to admit ,Lexi's lip tasted wonderful and left nice. Is it wrong to say it kind of left right?

Raven's POV

We were sitting in the living room watching Monster Inc. I checked my phone to see if Oliver would at least text me saying he's sorry or anything but he never bothered. So I just turned my phone completely off.

Wynter started playing some music then Patricia got up walking into the kitchen

"HEY lets make some cupcakes!" she said with a big grin

"YaY! okay" I said jumping up off the coach

I walked in with Wynter behind me and sat on one of the stools that were set around the island in the middle the of the kitchen. Patricia got out the mix and measuring cups. I got up and got the eggs.

We made a lot of cupcakes. To much for the three of us. After I ate four cupcakes Wynter just randomly shouted "MALL!!" and I jump

"Who's car are we gonna go in?" Wynter asked

"Ray's" Patricia said right after Wynter said that

We walked outside and got in my car. It took 20 minutes for us to get there but that's because we took our time. When we got there I turned on my phone just in case Jasmine called me.

we walked up to the huge building that a food court outside. We got to the doors, right when I was about to open it a guy ran up ahead of me.

"I got it for you love" He said a cute smile. He had dark brown fluffy hair but it had four blonde highlights. He was wearing a black shirt that said 'DROP DEAD STEAL CITY'  with a red flannel over it and black skinny jeans with black Vans. I like his style plus he's very cute and had an accent. Australian? yup.

"Thank you" I said with a smile. I could feel my cheeks turn red just by him calling me 'love'. He kind of looked familiar but I couldn't remember where I've seen him.

The whole time we were in the mall I couldn't stop thinking about him. It bugged me that I couldn't remember where I saw him.

We went into Zumiez to look for a new skateboarding deck for Wynter and he was in there. He was looking at a pair of Sk8hi Vans. I know we just barley said 8 words to each other but this boy gave me feelings nobody else has it's weird but I kind of liked it. 

I was so caught up in my thoughts that ran into the magazine shelf. It moved and made a squeaky sound against the floor and made him look up at me. He smiled at me and my clumsiness. OMG his smile makes my heart melt. What is this boy doing to me. Who cares I like it.

He was waking towards me but I felt someone grabbed my arm and pulled me while run out of store.

"What the hell he was gonna talk to me!" I yelled at Wynter

"Bro Oliver wasn't cheating on you" she said and t took me awhile to remember what she was talking about

"What do you mean?" I asked a bit lost

"He called Patricia and said Lexi's the one who kissed him and he would never want to hurt you" Wynter explained

"He's lying." I said knowing it wasn't true

After I said that she took out her phone and typed something in. When she was done she put it up to her ear.

"Here" She said handing the phone to me

I looked at the number but didn't notice it. I put the phone up to my ear


"Babe! I'm sorry for what you saw it's not what it looked like. She kissed me I didn't want to! It was her. Please babe you have to believe me. Please babe PLEASE" I herd Oliver's voice on the other line. I didn't know what to say or do. I covered my mouth and felt tears coming down my cheeks.


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