Dan and Phil oneshots


1. Dan's little secret

Dan walked up to the door thinking twice before entering, sweat poured down his cheats clearly showing he was nervous about something. Phil lay down on the sofa, eyes glued to his phone screen. It took him a few moments to realise Dan was there leaning against the door.

"Oh hey dan good day at work"

"......oh.....umm.....yeah it was ok.... I guess"

"Dan, is there something wrong"

"Actually, I need to tell you something"

"Go ahead what, what is it"

Phil shifted into a sitting position to let dan sit down next to him.He breathed before turning around to face phil. He stared deeply into his eyes before moving closer to phil's ear. Phil looked at the floor confused to what was going on before dan gently whispered into his ear....

"Phil.....I think...I..I love you"

Dan finished.

Phil moved away from Dan staring at him with wide eyes shocked to what had just been said.

"Dan......I don't know what to say.....I"

Dan interrupted by gently placing his finger on phil's lips.


He said before stoping and sitting in silence for a few seconds, creepily staring at phil's face before adding

"And phil......will you be my b...boyfriend"

Phil stared blankly at dan before throwing his had away from his face and quickly standing up before screaming


And then storming out of the apartment never to return.


I know this stories a little short but I'm not exactly the best at writing stories but I'm trying my best so I'm sorry but I can't help it🌏😔❤️

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