forever isnt as long as I thought

Im making this story about a girl called michaela (me) this actually happened to me and this is just saying if someone ever does this to you dont blame yourself, dont hut yourself, dont be stupid like I was because you are perfect and if you cant see that someone else will you just might have not found them yet


1. the start

Chapter.1. So I was really bored and down, so I decided to Install moviestarplanet, hoping to find a good friend or someone who cared. Thats exactly what I didnt get. Obviously So I joined the beach chatroom trying to find a friend. And I came across thomas. He was saying he was gonna kill himself and that his life has no point. So I done what any decent person would do. I went over to stop him Tommy: im gonna go and kill myself now, theres no point in my life. Michaela (me): no plzzzzz dont :( ive tried beforw, trust , me it aint worth it. It just causes trouble and hurt for everyone. Especially loved ones. Tommy: no one loves me. No one ever will. Michaela: dont put yourself down, they will, your family loves you Tommy: no they dont. My dad has always hated me since mum died. He says it wad my fault and my step mum hates me too:( she cuts me:'( Michaela : THAT BITCH CUT HER BACK!}:( Tommy: I cant shes stronger than me:'( Michaela: :( Tommy: dont be sad its ok :) Michaela: yay! You smiled! Tommy: yep, just for you :p Michaela: XD Tommy: add me :) Michaela: ok :)) *go into private chat* Tommy: hey ;) Michaela: lol, hiya :) Tommy: I posted a pic of me can you post one of you? Michaela: ok XD *so I posted one and looked at his* Tommy: wow, your really pretty;) Michaela: tysm XD Its nice that youll lie to make me happy Tommy: im not lying your beautiful Michaela: you shouldnt say that you have a gf:/ Tommy: shes ignoring me. She wont answer my texts and has been offline for ages Michaela: maybe shes just busy Tommy: idk Michaela: lol neither do I Tommy: its almost midnight, im gonna go to sleep. Night Michaela: night *went offline*
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