forever isnt as long as I thought

Im making this story about a girl called michaela (me) this actually happened to me and this is just saying if someone ever does this to you dont blame yourself, dont hut yourself, dont be stupid like I was because you are perfect and if you cant see that someone else will you just might have not found them yet


2. next day......

12:30 pm


Tommy: hey ####


Michaela: lol type it again it came up in hashtags XD







Michaela:XD er....thanks I think lol

Tommy:im sorry ill shutup now:(

Michaela:its fine, dont worry about it

Tommy: baby, I think im falling in love with you

Michaela: you cant, you have a gf:|

Tommy:oh baby I can

*doesnt mind coz I loved him*

Michaela: :=|

Tommy: ;)

Tommy: get kik this things stalling

Michaela: ok.....

*I heard bad things about kik but don't worry I never done anything sexual 😂 *

Peace4themiki (me):hiya

tommy: hi

Peace4themiki: hows u?

tommy: Im ok I guess you?

Peace4themiki: im ok

tommy: gd gd

tommy: I love you michaela♥

peace4themiki: I love U 2😳

peace4themiki:you can't love me tho

tommy:yes I can. How not

peace4themiki: you have a gf:| im not gonnasay I love you anymore I not hurting her:^|

*he didnt answer again that day*

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